Idea: Dean gates shrunk by the witch and then a couple years later Jacob gets shrunk (I just really love the idea of Sam being the big (literally) brother of Jacob

We love the idea too! That’s why we ended up with this exact storyline:

  • Brothers Remembered || Dean was cursed as a kid, growing up as a borrower at Trail’s West. He helped another kid cursed just like him, and certainly never expected to see a familiar face staying in one of the rooms.

Now they just need Sam to get on board with the whole concept…

It was during this time that Dean reached the top of the table and darted behind the huge laptop. He flattened himself to the back, barely daring to breathe for fear of alerting the human to his position.

Taking a few measured breaths to prepare himself, Dean leaned around the edge of the laptop to catch sight of where Jacob was now, expecting to see him contained.

What he found instead made all these thoughts flee his mind.

Jacob was casually sitting there and eating pizza while Dean risked his neck saving him!

“Are you kidding me?!”

September 23rd excerpt:

Sam’s torrent of words was cut off by a knock at the door, and he turned in his chair, his face blank for a moment as he was unable to remember why someone might be knocking.

Then, he remembered.

“Oh! That’s the pizza.” Sam turned back to the table. “Don’t move, I’ll be right back.”

September 13th excerpt:

Lunch for the day was pizza. Sam was near the end of the line, impatiently tapping his feet as he waited for the lunch ladies to slowly dole out the sub-par food. Most students complained, but it was a nice change from what he and Dean ate at the motel, depending on the day.

After he had his pizza, apple slices and soda, Sam glanced around for the kids he knew, then took a second to drop a bit of the apple in his pocket, then walked quickly over to the table to take a seat with the others.

February 8th excerpt:

Dean dropped the box on the table. “Grub’s up,” he announced unnecessarily, flipping open the lid perpendicular to where the brothers were sitting.

A moist steam rose from the box, filling the room with the strong smell of the fresh pizza. One half looked like a regular pizza, melted cheese and crispy crust, but the other side…

“Did you order a mountain?” Sam asked dubiously, leaning over to look at the amount of meat that somehow fit on the pizza.

“I’ll have you know that every bite will be delicious,” Dean insisted primly.

February 6th excerpt:

As Dean’s voice started to talk to the pizza shop, ordering what sounded suspiciously like ‘the Ultimate Meat-Lovers pizza,’ Sam took pity on the rumpled little guy, slipping two fingers into the pocket with Stan. Though he didn’t go to scoop the guy out, still worried about possibly injuring Stan with one wrong move or making him equate them to the witch’s care, Sam kept his fingers steady.

“Feel like getting some fresh air?” Sam offered warmly.

April 27th excerpt:

“You humans and your endless weirdness,” Bowman quipped, flicking his wings before settling them on the table behind him to relax.

“Humans cook most of their food,” Sam said with a grin, glad for things to be going back to their normal banter about how strange his people were. It was what he’d done with Bowman since his curse. Constant arguments about corners, size, food… and it was always entertaining.

“Who cares about mushrooms,” Dean mumbled around his own slice. “Give me some pepperoni or sausage any day.” He wrinkled his nose when Sam waved a mushroom over his head and then pointedly took a bite out of it.