Salads and Sulfur

( A work of fanfiction for Brothers Apart, and the second story of Food and Monsters, created by @neonthewrite  )

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Dean and Sam never expected to hear from Oscar so soon, but mere months after they met the little guy the first time, he has news of a strange murder right in his own motel. Of course, the brothers must rush back to help figure out what’s going on before more victims are claimed.

What happens when a side character tests well with audiences their first time around? They come back. Such is the case with little Oz! Here’s to hoping he gets more yummy food for all his trouble.

Pizza and Hexbags

( A work of fanfiction for Brothers Apart, and the first story of Food and Monsters, created by @neonthewrite  )

Archive of Our Own || Fanfiction || Deviantart

Dean and his tiny brother Sam are having trouble solving a case involving several missing children. Little do they know, another tiny person like Sam has been keeping an eye on them, curious about the strange pair.

This story delves into what it must be like to be one of the throwaway side characters in any given episode of Supernatural.

This story won first place during the first Brothers Apart contest, and was Oscar’s first time in a story!

Hello from CoAdmin PL1

Hello, BA readers. I thought I’d go ahead and say hello myself, after such a lovely introduction by nightmares. I am PL1, though you’ve seen the other few names that’ll work just fine, too. I’m very happy to be a part of the team for Brothers Apart and the related AUs, whether it be writing collabs and contributing to the stories myself or beta reading and editing.

I especially want to thank people again for the response to Bowman showing up in the first chapter of A Lich of Sense. It’s great to see people are already excited! I know I had a lot of fun writing him opposite the Winchester bros.

Like nightmares06 said, if you have any questions about my OCs (including Oscar), you can feel free to ask about them/prompt about them either in the prompts here or over on my writing blog. I’ll do my best to answer them!

Oh, and by the way. You’ll notice, as the story unfolds, that Bowman can be a sassy little guy. Fair warning, I am his mommy and he has to get it from somewhere. 😉 I may only pack salt rounds but for the most part I’m harmless.