You see it as pointless, I see is as not?

I mean, it is my AUs and stories. I could just go ahead and post what I want, when I want to. We decided to randomize what posts next by opening it up for a vote, the reason we don’t list the AUs by the story names is because we don’t want any stories completely ignored in favor of others. I still have to occasionally put up a story regardless of the vote so it doesn’t fall by the wayside, but it’s better than just a string of Brothers Lost or Brothers Asunder posting without the others having a chance. And we all love Brothers Apart, but since I write most of it alone, there’s far fewer stories for it.

Plus, I do give people plenty of help deciding what to post. If you go to the Sneak Peeks link at the top of the tumblr (found here on mobile), there are actually the story titles listed in the peeks for everyone to browse, with one or two exceptions (because I have a full time job, and occasionally some things get overlooked).


These stories are mine and will be posted how I decide, the poll is a fun way to involve our readers and randomize the AUs at the same time. Deal with it.

Votes are not accepted through asks, please vote here if you want your vote to be counted.

We’ve got four stories picked out for the next poll already, and we’re not sure if we’ll have any others added into it just yet. Brothers Unexpected still needs to be edited, so we’re not sure when it’ll make its way into the poll. It’s great to see interest in the story, though, so that helps us decide what to edit next/soon!

Very close indeed! With any luck it’ll appear after we start adding stories to the poll after the current stories all post– We’re not adding anything new until Brothering Bowman, The Study of the Four and Return to Oz all get to post. (Because the horror story is huge and these stories need their chance to post before it takes over for a while).

Enjoy the horror story excerpts as they begin!

Oh, oops! This is what I get for posting the poll at 5am when I couldn’t sleep! It was supposed to be on there.

The poll closes Friday, July 15th at 6pm est to give me enough time to count the votes and get the new story ready to start posting that Sunday! 

I’ll go add that to the poll post so the end dates on there when I reblog it. Thanks!

Thanks for clearing that up! It just definitely feels like the poll gets a lot of complaints whenever it’s time to start and I get fed up with it all. We want everyone to feel involved, but we don’t want favoritism so yeah. The poll was the best way to randomize it all.