And the winning story is…

With 48 out of the possible 100 votes, Brothers Apart has taken the win!

For Science!

On the heels of the Winchesters most troubling case yet comes a call. There’s trouble in Wellwood forest, home of the peaceful wood sprites they’d befriended before. Parents have been waking up to find their children missing, and there’s no trace of the culprit!

Can Sam and Dean, with the help of one Bowman Leafwing and his best friend Jacob Andris, find the person abducting the children before anyone else goes missing?!


Story artwork by @mogadeer​!

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And the winner is…

A Burglary at Baker Street!

Sam and Dean Winchester have struck up a deal with Sherlock Holmes and John Watson. The brothers will offer their help solving cases, in return for living in the flat and sharing in the food John brings home.

This all sounds well and good, until it’s the Winchesters that end up needing Sherlock’s services for his next case… 


Brothers Consulted pulled away from Brothers Lost in the poll, and so we’ll be seeing the return of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson in the multiverse!

A reminder to everyone that when A Burglary at Baker Street ends, there will be no poll. Instead, There’s No Place Like Home will begin posting, and after that story wraps up we’ll return to the poll with all new options in it!

And now, a special sneak peek of the story that begins January 2nd, 2019!

Dean gestured for Sherlock to give him a hand. “Well, what are we waiting for, then?”

Sherlock smirked and proffered a hand for Dean, smoothly ferrying the elder Winchester to his shoulder. With Dean settled, Sherlock turned to face the room, not entirely sure of what to expect. And for once, the uncertainty wasn’t irritating, but exciting.

“Where to, Winchester?” he queried, awaiting Dean’s instruction.

Dean was silent for a long moment. He very rarely tried to actively use the ability. Mostly it just happened. They needed food, and he would suddenly just know where to go. Questioning it when their lives depended on the ability seemed like looking a gift horse in the mouth.

As he focused, the prickles on the back of his neck began to grow more prominent. His surroundings dropped away. He no longer noticed the rhythmic cadence of a pulse that throbbed through Sherlock’s neck next to him, and the steady sound of breathing, air rushing in and out of Sherlock’s lungs, was gone. It was like he was standing next to Sam once more, trying to hurriedly clear his mind and listen to Sam’s constant litany of ‘advice’ for how to do it.

With focus came clarity, and Dean found himself pointing before he realized his hand was moving.

Psychic freak slipped into his mind and he angrily crushed the thought as he told Sherlock, “That way.”

Sherlock almost didn’t notice the tiny hand, but he frowned when he tracked its path with his eyes. Dean was pointing at the door out of the flat.

The detective’s steps were halting as he approached the door, confused about what Dean was supposed to be leading him to. At his right, John entered the main room from the kitchen, a biscuit in one hand and the morning paper in the other. John paused as he noticed Sherlock’s odd movements, eyeing his flatmate as he sank into his armchair.

Sherlock slowly wrapped his hand around the doorknob, wishing he could look at Dean questioningly.

Dean didn’t notice the odd looks John was shooting at the strange pair from his armchair, unknowingly placed beside the nook in the walls the brothers had chosen for their home. If Dean spared a thought for where it was placed, he imagined it was just about at John’s eye level while sitting.

But right now, his thoughts were all tied up with the feeling on the back of his neck. After years of stubbornly ignoring the ones that were out of reach, it seemed that giving it his full attention had brought it flooding around him, more important than anything else. He needed it, and this was his chance to finally see what, and where, the thing was that was pulling at him in London.

When Sherlock didn’t open the door, Dean felt his impatience come to the fore. “Well?” he burst out. “We’re doing this, right? Or was this just some test run?”


Artwork by @justanothergiant!

And the winner is…

Dean of Nowhere!

A man without a home. A hunter without a family.

Dean Winchester comes from nothing and lives for no one, but dedicated his life to saving people in need. Now, an unexpected attack on two campers by one of their best friends draws Dean to Wellwood forest, towards an unexpected reunion.


Reaching 51 votes on the tiebreaker, Dean of Nowhere officially won the tiebreaker poll! For anyone who hasn’t read the first story of Brothers Asunder, feel free to check out Sam of Wellwood during the next few weeks before Dean of Nowhere begins posting on October 31st! Happy Halloween!

And now, enjoy a sneak peek of the fun to be had…

Fresh air wafts through, and it freezes.

Such a crisp, clean breath of air. The smoke is displaced by the movement, and it triples its efforts.

For a second, a lifetime, a thousand agonies, the crack is wide enough to slip through. It surges upwards, thinning itself to a trickle to make it. The opening doesn’t last long, sealing up and closing off from earth like a healing wound. None can follow, and it can’t turn back.

None of that matters to it. It is free.

After an eternity in the dark where it has forgotten its very name, the world is open to it. It could do as it wanted. Be whatever it wanted.

There are no more barriers.

Across a sparkling night sky, a black cloud drifts.

Winning story and Updates!


Oof! What a year!

My husband is recovering and things are currently calm on the surgery/medical front. thank GOD

I know I still have commissions to finish! Now that it’s getting less crazy, I’ll have time to work on them. I have a few days off next week for a mini-vacation, and a lot of it I want to spend writing when I’m not sleeping off the stress. Once those last few get finished, I may reopen commissions again! Last time I opened them, about three days later everything went to hell. Last year I lost four family members within like six months, had to replace my car early this year, and the new one is STILL not working perfectly, and my husband had multiple surgeries. I need a long week of sleep.

We’ve got quite a few more stories waiting in the wings, and I can’t wait to see what everyone thinks! Thanks so much for coming along with us!

And the winning story, with 51 out of the possible 100 votes, is…

Bigfoot’s a Hoax!

Out in the natural beauty of the Sylvan Lake State Park, a camper’s gone missing and is presumed dead at the same time as rumors about a honest to god giant appearing in the forest to stalk hikers and hunters crop up. Sam and Dean will need to unravel the mystery and keep their wits about them to solve this case.

Our first collab featuring the canon Supernatural Sam and Dean Winchester, clashing with the world’s largest teddy teenager! From extra smol to extra tol, Jacob gets no breaks.

Sneak Peek:

By silent agreement, both brothers crept forward, keeping an eye on the strange sights around them. Dean hopped into a deep depression in the ground, almost slipping on a hidden mudbank. Sam glanced to the side and saw that a tiny stream trickled through the underbrush.

It ended at the depression, and as Sam looked behind them, it restarted. Sam grabbed Dean’s jacket, hauling him out and pointing. Dean sucked in a gasp, spotting the familiar mark of a gigantic boot in the soft ground.


“C’mon, let’s go.”

This time, Dean took point as they edged to the clearing. Once they got there, Dean froze again in disbelief.

“Bigger guns my ass,” he said weakly, reaching behind his jacket to pull out his colt. “We might need the damn military.

The boots that made the huge print in the ground were planted in the earth across the clearing, weighed down by their truly colossal owner. Even crouched, the creature loomed well overhead, and some of the smaller trees in the forest would be cast in that shadow.

The giant, if it stood, would reach a lofty 120 feet, at least.

Its dirty clothes were worn and those car-sized boots caked in enough mud that entire small tree branches could be seen stuck to the side of the huge sole. One light step for the monster would prove devastating to either brother, and the giant might never even know it had successfully taken out a hunter.

Massive lungs hidden within that muscular torso drew in and released breaths, the source of the breeze Sam heard. The trees nearest the giant all waved their branches from the air.

Before more of a plan could be made or more details assessed, that breathing paused, and the giant lifted its huge head. As if in slow motion, it turned to look over its shoulder for the source of the disturbance in whatever it was doing. One of its massive hands came into view and braced against one bent knee, and it was a startling realization to note that each finger was the size of a person.

The brothers were outsized by fingers.

Then, the face angled towards them, and eyes the size of their heads locked on them.

Story begins July 8th at 9pm est!

Poll results!

We officially have… a TIE!

Which means, it’s time for sudden death!

I’ll have another survey up and you can choose Bigfoot OR Burglary to win!

If we end up with another tie after this, my husband will pick a name from a hat and that’ll be the story that posts. 

The poll has ended and a winner decided! With a commanding lead against everything else ever, Jacob in Wonderland, aka the ‘horror story’ has won!

Did you know that you and Dean-O are the first humans in over a generation to actually manage to befriend little guys like Sam and Bowman? I mean, sure. Dean had a bit of a leg up there with Sam actually being his brother, but there have been other families in the past split by size like that and they never bothered with each other again.

Of course your life is a game. Everyone’s life is a game. And the name of the game?



Jacob in Wonderland excerpts here, and check out the sneak peeks for the horror story over on our Sneak Peeks page! (mobile version here)

Story begins posting 9/10/17!

The results are in…

The poll to decide the order of the next three stories that go up was one of the closest yet! There’s only a two vote difference between all three stories, but starting us off this coming Wednesday, we have…

The Study of the Four

Saving people, solving crimes
The flatmate business

Over a decade ago, a serious of unfortunate events led to the Winchesters, at only a few inches in height, being forcibly relocated to London. Now, they’ve adjusted to their size and found a new home to live in that just happens to be the same residence of a certain detective and his blogger…

Brothers Consulted starts us off with a bang, followed by…

Bothering Bowman

Bowman Leafwing would scoff at the idea of ‘giants’ out there in the forest, but after a run-in with Sam Winchester and his larger hunting buddies, he’ll have a hard time denying their existence.

At long last, the second story of Brothers Found will post! That means we’ll be one story closer to the horror story!

And last but not least (and never forgotten)….

Return to Oz

Oscar lost the only friends he’d ever found over a decade ago. He’s learned to survive on his own, brief reminders of Sam and Dean keeping him company along with the mice who share the walls with him. 

Yet Sam and Dean, though they may have forgotten where he lives, out of the hundreds of motels they’ve been to, never forgot their Oz.

Didja think we’d leave him alone forever? But it looks like chance has conspired against Oscar once more, leaving him at the end of the posting schedule, waiting for his friends!

The third story of Brothers Together is coming!


Small sneak peek for Brothers Consulted coming tomorrow!