Oh gosh, that sucks! I hope you feel better soon! I always headcannoned in Brothers Asunder that at some point Sam and Bowman started an escalating prank war that ended up spreading to include the other knights and patrolsprites and was only ended when Scar “accidentally” got a glob of pine sap to his hair

XD Scar had enough trouble when he found Sam trying to practice with one of the spare swords. Now his hair is sticky and Sam and Bowman are trying their best to not look guilty.

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My entry to @nightmares06 Contest of the brave and smitten! I’m neither!


Dean Winchester was the King of Pranks and memes, but what was he weeks before finding Sam and the new Brother Jacob? The victim.


Dean moaned a bit as he got up, you live another day…unlike Sam He thought sourly. His father hammered into his brain that it was his fault that his brother died, the sad thing is that he believes it.

He walked towards the door and instantly he felt as though someone was watching him. He huffed as Bobby’s voice rang out, “Breakfast boy!”

Dean had just finished a job when Bobby called him for another about a werewolf, he ended up staying for a few days before leaving again.

He walked out and down to the kitchen for some bacon and eggs, Bobby furrowed his brows in confusion, “Going for a new look?”

Dean paused and looked at Bobby with confusion, “What?”

Bobby coughed a bit, “Not that orange or pink aren’t your colors, but why?” Dean dashed to the closest mirror, he did not scream like a teenage girl who got food dumped onto her new shoes.

His hair was bright orange with hot pink tips, after running his hand through his hair, he realized that it wasn’t permanent and he could wash it out.

He turned to Bobby, “Very funny Bobby, when did you even do this? I’m a light sleeper.”

Bobby looked set back, “I didn’t do that, also the only hair dye I own is black.” Dean huffed, “Well I think I’ll lock the door tonight!”

Bobby shrugged as Dean ate, though he had a itching suspicion that a locked door isn’t going to save his head.

====Next Day====

A yell filled the air and a strawberry blond came falling down the stairs, “How did you do this!?”

Bobby bursted into a full belly laugh, “Boy, I’m too old for those types of jokes!” A serious look came over the older man’s face before disappearing into giggles.

Dean huffed before deciding to leave for the job that day. Bobby sighed with an amused smile as his kid left with an amused and confused face.

“You know…you should tell him.”

The old hunter turned around to see a tiny person on his kitchen table, mostly human but tiny. He would call her a little, but she wasn’t.

If the kitty features can say anything about it, “You dyed his hair and let him blame me!”

She shrugged as she slowly disappeared, “Just saying.”

Bobby, unperturbed by the disappearance, “I know…I know.”

Oh dear, poor Sam! And Dean’s a little small to be able to manage a nice style like they’d get at the hairdressers, so Sam’s hair will look a little choppy, and Dean never did manage to get it to spike up in the front.

(Still better than Dean putting Nair in the shampoo)

I think there’s no way Dean would get away with it, once Sam woke up and found out what Dean did, he’d get himself pocketed for the rest of that day.