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My first thought was Sam doing something by accident that annoys dean and out of spite he starts a prank war (most likely dying Sams hair pink or the like)

Ah, man, if the prank wars start up again with Dean the smol, it’s all over. Jacob is in the middle of an all-out war, brother against brother!

(No superglue pls)

Oh gosh, that sucks! I hope you feel better soon! I always headcannoned in Brothers Asunder that at some point Sam and Bowman started an escalating prank war that ended up spreading to include the other knights and patrolsprites and was only ended when Scar “accidentally” got a glob of pine sap to his hair

XD Scar had enough trouble when he found Sam trying to practice with one of the spare swords. Now his hair is sticky and Sam and Bowman are trying their best to not look guilty.

Send me some headcanons for distraction!

“Think fast!”

Oscar would try to flail out of the way but balloons are too big to avoid. Then there’s the matter of static. His little hands might stick to it even as he falls over with a balloon on him. Dean would find Oscar with his hair all staticky and even poofier than normal.

Lucky for Oz he’s not small enough to get completely stuck to it. 

This is probably much more likely to happen once Dean has another smol of himself around, because it’ll be easier for him to escape his tol selves. They’re all overly-intrigued to see a tiny version of themselves, especially one with so much cocky swagger in a bitty body!

Beware, tol Dean. Revenge will come swift.

August 5th excerpt:

Part of the spike of Dean’s hair was squashed into the pillow he lay on. Jacob stepped back to survey his chances, and then made a short hop forward to stumble onto Dean’s forehead.

Once there, Jacob froze and let what he was doing really sink in. He stood on a human’s face, with a pen tucked under one arm ready to draw on said face. He was about to prank a giant.

Oh dear, poor Sam! And Dean’s a little small to be able to manage a nice style like they’d get at the hairdressers, so Sam’s hair will look a little choppy, and Dean never did manage to get it to spike up in the front.

(Still better than Dean putting Nair in the shampoo)

I think there’s no way Dean would get away with it, once Sam woke up and found out what Dean did, he’d get himself pocketed for the rest of that day.