I’ll be writing more with these two, and we’ve already mused about Oscar’s reaction to this size-swapped pair, so this may be seen in the future, either as a full story or prompts!

These two brothers will likely butt heads about the rabbit food from time to time, and Sam can’t force Dean to eat like he does, so one way or the other, Dean will find a way to get his bacon cheeseburger and pie.

It’s either school or staying in the room on his own (or with dad), so there’s a good chance Dean will be off to school.

Hah, it’s true! The wood sprites of Wellwood are all vegetarians. Interestingly enough, when Sam arrived, one of the first things the sprites did was see what their Archives had on humans. They discovered there that humans do eat meat, and then came an unbearably awkward conversation with Sam. It was hard to figure out how to bring it up with him, but it was kind of important that they know … would a human eat a sprite? And did they need to figure out a way to get meat for him, or could he survive without it?

Thankfully they could smooth that over after many perplexed looks and probably lots of cringing.

Sam grew up with a sprite diet, since it would be hard for them to get meat for him. It worked out well, because the food was all extremely healthy and helped him grow into a strong young knight!