Height references

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Comment: Okay, so we know how small the borrowers are to a normal-sized human, but being the weirdo I am, I had wandered how BIG humans must appear to borrowers just for fun! So I was doing some calculations (although I kinda figured you probably already did them) of how big regular humans would look to the borrowers.

So, on a 1/19 scale that you have them, for an adult borrower equivalent to be ranged between 5 foot to 6 foot (or 152.4 cm to 182.8 cm), they would be between 3.2-3.8 inches (or for the metrically inclined, 8.1-9.6 cm). Of course, Sam (and likewise Jacob) being 4 inches (10 centimeters), would be considered taller than most, meaning most borrowers wouldn’t even make the double digits in centimeter height.

This would mean that an adult human ranging between 5 ft-6ft/152cm-183cm, would appear to them as 95 to 114 feet (29 to 34.7 meters)!

So, with human (or formerly human-sized) characters that actually have a confirmed canonical height, they would probably appear to the canonical littles as followed (WARNING: some might be off):

Dean Winchester (6’0): 114 feet/(183cm)34.7 meters
Sam Winchester (6’4): 120.2 feet/(193cm)36.6 meters
Bobby Singer (5’11): 112.2 feet/(180cm)34.2 meters
John Winchester (6’0): 114 feet/(183 cm)34.7 meters
Jacob Andris (6’5): 122 feet/(195.5cm)/37.2 meters
Sherlock Holmes (6’0): 114 feet/(183 cm)34.7 meters
John Watson (5’6): 104.5 feet/(167.6cm)31.7 meters
Stan Baker (6’0): 114 feet/(183 cm)34.7 meters
Mycroft Holmes (6’1):115.5 feet/(185.4cm)35.2 meters

There’s a strong chance I got some of the characters’ height wrong (ex. I don’t know if Dean’s 6’0 or 6’1), but the main gist they’re around that height give or take.

Now, to compare borrowers to humans without going into the specifics of the 2d4d or and height factors, the average length of a male middle finger would range around 3.7-4 inches for men between 5 and 6 feet. Of course, this isn’t exactly accurate due to genetic variables and the like, but it’s roughly there. Meaning most borrowers would be shorter than an middle finger or even the index finger. Heck, some of the REALLY shorter borrowers (like Oscar, Moira, and ESPECIALLY Kiddo Sam and Kara for example) wouldn’t even make it to classify as ankle-height to some of the taller humans!

To put this in perspective, if the Statue of Liberty walked off her base and put her arm down, she’d be 111’6 feet (34 meters) tall, making her shorter than most of the main human characters (who are already on the tall side). All of them would be taller than the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro since it is 98 feet/30 meters tall without the base. And an elephant (which can range from 9-13 feet/3-4 meters to the shoulder) would be like a chihuahua or any toy breed dog AT MOST. Or going off of fictional examples, a Gundam (usually around or 59.5-65 feet/18-20 meters) suited to a borrower scale would be the size of a young child at 3.57 feet or 1.06 meters.

Needless, to say, the borrowers/littles have my sympathies. They’re even smaller than the Mary Norton’s borrowers (who, at 1/12 scale, would mean a six inch borrower would be freakishly tall to your borrowers). Personally, I prefer your scale since it’d give them the ability for them to hide more easily and get away with more stuff lol. But boy do they have their work cut out for them just trying to survive!

Also, love your stories! Was just nerding our on scale differences!

This is amazing! Thank you so much for this!

We definitely have a few select heights worked out for the giant along with the borrower scale (Dean, Sam, Jacob, ect…), but not everyone, so I’m going to store this in our reference section! There can never be enough nerding out on the scale differences, tbh.

I feel bad for the borrowers, too, lol! Growing up I always like the 4 inches or smaller scale, but when I originally designed this story I wanted the borrowers to both be v v smol, but also able to be independent and able to survive without any assistance. 6 inches was always too big for me to really enjoy, and 4 inches seemed like a good compromise. Now it’s my official favorite scale! I tend to avoid writing stories that go larger, though occasionally I like adding in a third mini-giant scale (like in Jacob in Wonderland). 

As for Dean, we have him set at 6′1″, which gives him just enough height on Stan and Sherlock that he gets to strut.

Sam’s hands are pretty huge, so his fingers would be longer than all the borrowers. Dean’s aren’t small, either, so it’s hard to be tall enough to outsize his finger. Borrowers might be able to beat the length of regular-sized people’s fingers, at least. Those Winchesters (and Jacob!) run tall. 

Andris Household Floorplans

Originally requested by Luminous Arc

The Andris family has two households that might be relevant. When Jacob’s father was still alive, the family lived in a small one-story home. In the present day as far as most AUs are concerned, Jacob, his mother Mariana, and his stepfather Mike live in a two story house that’s slightly nicer than the one before.

AUs featuring the early house: Brothers Unexpected, Brothers Adopted (without Jacob around, Mariana never moved even after remarrying), and Brothers Sought.

Otherwise, the second house will be the layout for the stories.

Pictures to follow (I didn’t use a ruler and my handwriting is a thing, hopefully it’s all clear).

At this time, I don’t have individual room layouts planned out (and I forgot to mark the archway into the living room from the hall), but in general this was a crowded but loving home. Jacob enjoyed his childhood in this home and spent a lot of time playing in the backyard.

Rooms aren’t perfectly scaled here, but this is the general idea of the house seen in most of the AUs.

Furniture sketch layout. It’s very basic but this is the general layout of the important rooms in the Andris home. One of Mariana’s jobs is a work-from-home job, and she does her work at the desk in the living room; however, everything is kept very tidy and clean. Things are less crowded here, but it’s still a very warm and inviting place.

Out of curiosity, I calculated how the spacing between the finger ridges look at different scales. At x1 scale they are about 0.3-0.4 mm apart, so to a smol (x19) it would look like 5.7-7.6 mm. For teddy Jacob, Dean’s (x50.66667) would look 15.2-20.3 mm apart, while Sam’s (x2.66667) would be 0.8-1.07 mm. As for giant Jacob, his ridges would look 108-144 mm apart to smol Sam (x360) and 288-384 mm to teddy Jacob (x960)! They both could fit their whole hand inside one of those valleys, easy!!!

Hot damn, so big!

That lil guy better keep his distance from the most giant giant! This is a handy reference.

How many sprites (lets say the knights) would be necessary to win against the brothers in a tug of war? With and without use of wings allowed? Or just one?? (no point in mentioning Jacob, they’d probably need the whole village just to challenge his hand)

Well, lets see.

If smol Jacob can lift about 40x his weight, I’d say a regular borrower averages 10 to 15x. The brothers, being determined to keep physically fit, are likely around the 12 to 13x range. Once they get better nutrition, they’ll easily hit around 17 or 18x their weight in strength, if not more.

Really, the questions is: how long does it take the sprites to realize they should just start flying and lift the brothers off the ground so they can’t get any traction?

With wings, they’d just go with that route. Lift up the brothers while Jacob watches, unable to hide his snickering (Dean will get revenge on him, somehow). At least they’re good at dangling from a rope.

If they weren’t allowed to use wings except maybe to balance themselves, it probably wouldn’t take much for the brothers to knock several knights over, one by one. Sprites aren’t nearly as strong as one of the brothers. Poor guys would dig their heels in the best they could though. Then maybe have a few sparring matches with pine needle swords to make up for it.

(thanks to @torchmlp for the reference of smol Jacob’s strength)


I made an extra smol Jacob out of clay. For reasons. Unfortunately I didn’t have any lifesavers for a reference 😉


XD This is amazing, I love it so much. And funny you took it next to a ring that looks like that…


LMAO. What a great clay Jacob. That’s way too little for someone to be, and you’ve gone and illustrated in in as close to real life as we can get. I love it. XD

nightmares06: (Walk Tall Winchesters) They got their chance to be tolest
nightmares06: Even taller than giant Jacob
nightmares06: he’d be @A@
Neon: guys where’s your chill
nightmares06: How talll would he be next to them
nightmares06: Like elbow height
TorchMLP: how tall is Marcus?
nightmares06: Probably around 6 foot ish
nightmares06: Never figured them out too much it was such a fast story
TorchMLP: k give me a few minutes and I’ll have the heights
TorchMLP: k, so if I did the math right, sam would be 183 feet tall, and if giant Jacob is 120 feet tall, he would only reach Sam’s elbow
Little Dreamer: Wow, he’s big
Neon: Giant Jacob would be a dwarf if he went back to their world XD
TorchMLP: Dean would be 175 feet tal

I actually have a few ways I imagine it! We have the initial layout from the first story of Brothers Apart:


The arrows and circles showing where Sam and Dean were standing on their initial first encounter, small escape paths and entrances for Sam marked at the sides.

Then we have the actual layout of the real Trails West, another good reference for the room:


March 23rd excerpt:

“Dean,” Sam interrupted gently. The changing channels froze. “Jacob picked Star Wars.

Dean glanced over at them in surprise, a flush rising to his face in embarrassment. “He did?” His eyes flicked back to the television, switching back to the movie. “Sorry about that,” he mumbled, clearly upset.

Jacob chuckled sheepishly, once again reminded that just communicating with Dean had become an obstacle. His tiny lungs would need to work hard to produce enough sound for the huge hunter to actually register.