Actually, the size of ears plays less of a role in your ability to hear than the shape of those ears. Human ears are specifically shaped after millions of years of evolution to pick up the sound waves that are most important to us… mainly, the vibrations a human voice makes. Some people have better hearing than others, yes, but that is less dependent on their size.

So Sam might be able to hear a little better than Dean, just like it’ll be easier to deafen him by shouting, but it’s not a huge difference, and there are likely regular sized humans who might be able to hear just as good as Sam. There are a lot of people out there who can hear higher pitched tones while others can’t hear a thing.

Fights depend on a number of things, including circumstances, moods, location, what’s happening… and sometimes it can be hard to predict what’s going to happen!

You might find it hard to believe, but for the most part, when I write, I simply design an idea in my head for a story, and then when I actually get to the parts I’m writing, the characters tend to do their own thing. So I don’t control when they get into fights most of the time. I can sorta see it coming, but there are cases, like with my character Walt, where it just happens.

He’s the first person where I’ve sat there going “pls pls don’t get yourself killed… that’s a hunter you just yelled at what even pls stop”

Nor are all fights rational…

“You son of a bitch!” Sam shouted at the top of his lungs. An eerie echo accompanied his voice, the vase distorting the sound waves before they reached Dean’s ears. “What did you do to my brother? He’d never do this to me, I know it!”

The echo of the same words hit Dean like a punch. “Sam…” His throat was dry and his voice hoarse. “It’s me. You’ve been with me all day, remember?” He was almost pleading by the end, wanting his little brother back.

Sam snarled angrily, punching the wall again. Any sign of his calm, collected demeanor was gone, washed away like a sandcastle when the tide came in. “Liar! ”