He did have psychic visions in the Brothers Apart storyline, back at the beginning, but I’ve chosen to let them fade away in lieu of a different type of ability. So far, each victim of the curse exhibits their own particular knack. Sam can tell when someone’s looking at him, or searching for him. Dean can find whatever he needs. Jacob can lift many times his own weight. These begin at different ages for each character.

For the rest, there is a very specific plot that BA is following that will involve Yellow-eyes, Celeste, and John Winchester, and I can’t say much else or it’ll give away the story. Let’s just say that the demon hasn’t forgotten about Sam, and knows he’s out there.

The visions are from when I first started writing the series, and they’ve been phased out in lieu of Sam’s knack. I found his new ability (and Dean’s, when he’s small), to be more fitting to the series as a whole.

Dean can find whatever he seeks and Sam knows when he is sought.

A fitting pair.

Celeste isn’t out of the story yet, as seen by her surprise showing in The Schism of Fire and Water (x) at the end as the person that was pulling Ilyana’s strings. Sam’s ability is starting to evolve more fitting to the story, and he has the ability to know when he’s been spotted or is being tracked. It’s a tingling on the back of his neck, a solid hammer of uneasiness that can come out of nowhere the second he’s spotted. The visions are going to taper off for him slowly.

As for the rest of the story… you’ll just have to wait and see… 😉