November 29th excerpt:

The next toss, his paper clip sailed upward, higher than Jacob had managed before. A quiet clink accompanied it landing atop the nightstand.

“Ha!” he said triumphantly. Despite his own weariness, he made it. He looked aside at Dean. “Did you see– oh,” he stopped, finally noticing that Dean had fallen asleep right there on the floor.

October 11th excerpt:

Just an inch or two later, Jacob had to pause as his hands cramped up from clinging so tightly to the string. His knuckles were white from the strain, and he stared at them ruefully. After a second’s break, he tried descending just a little more, hand over hand. When trying to get his grip on the next section of string, he couldn’t hold tightly enough before he slid, no more than a half inch.

It was enough for the friction burn to sting, and Jacob grimaced. “Fuckdammit!”

September 15th excerpt:

Jacob glanced down at himself and the doll clothes he wore. His lips pursed and he was forced to notice some of the clumsier seams and the thickness of the fabric all over again. Compared to the other clothes, the little hoodie, the best his mom could find on their budget, was a pale knockoff. “Um. Well, these have worked fine for me so far,” he muttered, unsure.

August 30th excerpt:

The hunter pushed himself up on an elbow, tiredly rubbing a hand down his face to clear the sleep from his eyes.

Then he opened his eyes, and saw the scene unfolding on the nightstand.

“Jacob!” Dean exclaimed, sitting bolt upright.

July 25th excerpt:

Looking back at the nightstand, Jacob glanced over the surface skeptically. It wouldn’t be the first time he’d opted for something like that over an actual bed. Beds were huge fields of cloth and shaky terrain for him now. The chance of someone not noticing him there had gone way up.

“Nightstand oughta be fine,” he said mulishly. “So long as you don’t set the alarm or something. One of my friends turned on a radio while I was right next to the speaker and that sucked.”

July 24th excerpt:

“I’ve never heard there might be anyone else,” Jacob admitted. “I never thought about living on my own like this. Everyone kinda thinks I can’t.” He glanced down at himself pointedly. He was less than four inches tall, and couldn’t even get down from a table on his own.

Dean frowned at what Jacob was implying. He’d been raised to take care of Sam since he was only four, the idea of being told what he could and couldn’t do was an alien thought.

“Just because you lost a little height doesn’t mean you turned into an infant,” Dean said gruffly, holding out a hand for Jacob again. “Fine, you’re smaller than me. But you can do things I can’t.”

July 23rd excerpt:

Jacob flinched as the table shook under his feet. He made his way to the edge, wary of any more earthquakes that might send him plummeting. When he could lean forward to see down to the floor, he almost smirked. It wasn’t often that he had a chance to look down at someone anymore. Before he was reduced in size, he was on his way to being taller than almost everyone around him.

The seconds drew out with no exclamations of aha! from Dean. Jacob wasn’t sure why they would ever expect to find someone just like that. Even so, he gave Dean a few more seconds before he said anything.

July 22nd excerpt:

Dean let out a breath and slid his duffel bag from his shoulder, lightly dropping it in the corner. “Now what?”

Jacob glanced to the duffel and the loud clatter it made as it settled on the floor before looking up at Dean. From his position held up in the air, he had a good vantage point of a room in a motel that should be more familiar. Jacob hadn’t had time to memorize his surroundings there before he was hit by the shrinking. After that, he hadn’t come back.

Until now. In one of the weirdest missions he’d ever heard of. “How would I know what to do?” he asked, exasperated.