How much bigger would be Dragon!Dean would be compared to giant!Jacob

I had to get some figures from @wolfie180g for this, since Dragon!Dean is in their personal playground.

Let’s see… When Jacob’s a giant, he stands about 122 feet tall (19x his usual 6′5″). 

Dragon Dean will end up reaching about 50 feet from the ground to his head. 30 feet tall in the chest (measured like a horse). Wingtip to wingtip, he’ll have a 130 foot wingspan.

So, compared to Jacob, Dean will be quite a bit smaller. He’s more like a wolf compared to the giant.

Your littles are at 1:18 scale. Dean, Sam, and mini Stan are watching an adaptation of The Borrowers set at 1:14 scale. The original Borrowers book sets them at 1:12. It just amuses me how many scales are involved right now. (my younger sibs and I just watched that adaptation of The Borrowers tonight and the scale was mentioned in the special features. The books scale I worked out when I first read them, using the fact that Pod is 6″ tall.)

Scales are fun to play around with! Though I do prefer the smaller scales than the original Borrowers stories have. They’re a little big for me in those stories.

(BA smols are at a 1:19 scale)

Dean would be pretty amused to see Stan next to Pod. He’s so much teenier!

August 5th excerpt:

“Kind of,” Stan replied quietly. There were plenty of shots in what little of the movie they’d seen so far to convey just how big the human family was. Lots of close-ups on enormous hands and angles that made the people seem distant yet towering. While none of the humans were aware of their smaller housemates, their dangers were that of an ignorant, unintentional manner.

Except for the boy setting traps.

“For humans, they do a good job of showing how things look to us,” he commented, relieved when it seemed that the danger was over for the moment.

In JIW, what do you think would have happened if Jacob had become smaller than his inch and a half size?

A lot of screaming.

In all seriousness … I think we’d see Sam and Bowman become even more protective of the little guy, trying to keep him shielded from the world that’s waaaay too big for him. Jacob, in the meantime, might go into adrenaline overdose or something, as that kind of scale gets really mind-boggling and terrifying.

There wouldn’t be any safe interaction with Dean anymore at all, and that would be sad. :c

March 9th excerpt:

Jacob’s eyes were drawn right back up to Dean, the definite winner of the giant contest here. Jacob could tell he was trying to move slowly to kneel closer, but even those movements were so massive and fast and alarming to watch. It really was like seeing a skyscraper kneel down to greet him. Dean’s knee hit the ground with all the grace and subtlety of an avalanche. The ground shook under Jacob and the other two, but Sam and Bowman didn’t react to the trembles.

March 5th excerpt:

Jacob nodded, still amazed at the volume of Dean’s voice. Just talking casually, and probably at a lower volume than usual, Dean was loud enough that Jacob could almost feel the floor vibrate under his shoes. It was amazing, but a little overwhelming. He knew he’d have to get over that, and soon, but damn. There wasn’t an instruction manual for being small.

March 3rd excerpt:

Rischa led him by the hand to the window, and indeed there was Dean, sauntering among the home trees with casual steps that Jacob knew were actually watched carefully. When visiting a village of people who considered four inches pretty tall, you had to be cautious.

And Jacob was understanding why. Perspective might as well have slapped him in the face. Even off the ground, seeing Dean at this scale was intimidating at first. Jacob knew he could trust the guy with his life without question, but there was a small spark in him that said big was danger. A simple glance at Dean was enough to see the power a human could hold over sprite-sized folk.

Oh jeez. The size disparity would be incredible there.

Just a simple breath could knock sprites out of the air and rattle their little houses. I don’t think Jacob would even be able to see the little guys unless they sat still and he really squinted. Even then, he’d have trouble hearing them, while the rumbling of his voice alone could physically hurt the poor sprites.

Probably a good thing Jacob didn’t grow to giant size anywhere near Wellwood.

If Bowman ever finds out how large Jacob got in this story, he will scold. Unfortunately, giant Jacob won’t be able to hear much of the scolds while he’s extra tol, and if he isn’t careful he can knock Bowman out of the sky with just a sigh!

Plus he’ll have to be real careful he doesn’t inhale the sprite by accident if he’s fluttering up by his head.

Which is why Sam won’t be coming out of the pocket. Too smol.

My gosh yes. His glare is hard to take for Sam, imagine having that glare leveled at you when you’re only a little bigger than one of his eyes! Jacob will need nerves of steel in this story, that’s for sure. Dean is close to 300 feet tall by comparison, a huge leap from the ~117 feet tall he is next to Sam.


… Jacob is a dot. (x)