March 9th excerpt:

Jacob’s eyes were drawn right back up to Dean, the definite winner of the giant contest here. Jacob could tell he was trying to move slowly to kneel closer, but even those movements were so massive and fast and alarming to watch. It really was like seeing a skyscraper kneel down to greet him. Dean’s knee hit the ground with all the grace and subtlety of an avalanche. The ground shook under Jacob and the other two, but Sam and Bowman didn’t react to the trembles.

March 3rd excerpt:

Rischa led him by the hand to the window, and indeed there was Dean, sauntering among the home trees with casual steps that Jacob knew were actually watched carefully. When visiting a village of people who considered four inches pretty tall, you had to be cautious.

And Jacob was understanding why. Perspective might as well have slapped him in the face. Even off the ground, seeing Dean at this scale was intimidating at first. Jacob knew he could trust the guy with his life without question, but there was a small spark in him that said big was danger. A simple glance at Dean was enough to see the power a human could hold over sprite-sized folk.

Oh jeez. The size disparity would be incredible there.

Just a simple breath could knock sprites out of the air and rattle their little houses. I don’t think Jacob would even be able to see the little guys unless they sat still and he really squinted. Even then, he’d have trouble hearing them, while the rumbling of his voice alone could physically hurt the poor sprites.

Probably a good thing Jacob didn’t grow to giant size anywhere near Wellwood.

I ended up having it easier than @neonthewrite in my calculations, which is good since at first I just went “Four inches sounds perfect!”

Sam is 6′4″ tall, making him 76 inches tall. 76/4=19.

So our scale is 1:19.

Dean is 6′1″ tall, so taking his 73 inches into account and dividing by 19 makes him only 3.84 inches tall, and our shortest character in the BL crew to his chagrin.

In the opposite direction, Jacob is 6′5″ tall, so 77 inches multiplied 19 times over makes him 1463 inches tall as a giant, or about 122 feet tall! It’ll take a lot of food to keep him fed!

I went to school for physics and sometimes that bachelor degree in science comes in useful. Not as often as I’d like, but I do enjoy a little math fun from time to time.

For @neonthewrite, her Bowman stands 6′2″ tall if he was human-sized, which gives her an awkward scale of 1:18.5, so the numbers aren’t as pretty to work with but you can still figure it out. Sam might look the same height as Bowman while they’re standing together, but he’s technically taller.

Portability is definitely not why I write on this scale.

First things first, the main reason you see Sam standing at 4 inches tall is because the majority of my stories are either Brothers Apart, or AUs based on Brothers Apart. The scale is not going to change between them.

Second, I do have other stories that work with different scales. Reversal of Fate and An Ounce Of Courage both use the scale where Sam/Dean stand at 3 inches tall. This scale was discarded for BA because if he’s in it for the long haul, he’s going to need to do things for himself. He is not dependent on Dean in any way as some people seem to assume. Sam survived most of his life without his family around and could easily survive without them. He stays with Dean for reasons all his own.

–Sidenote here: In the horror story, Jacob is reduced down to barely an inch and a half tall and we’ll see exactly why that’s not a good thing. It’s a horror story for a reason.

I also won’t work with the Swift scale (Found in Gulliver’s Travels and The Borrowers). Since I write for enjoyment and I don’t enjoy writing my characters at 6 inches tall, you won’t find that here.

Lastly, the scales I and @neonthewrite use are not 4 inches = 6 feet.

Sam stands 4 inches tall, but his actual height is 6′4″. This gives us a ratio of about 1/19. If we put him and Bowman next to each other, they’re both 4 inches tall. Same scale, right?

Wrong! Bowman is actually the equivalent of 6′2″ in height. So he’s tall, but not quite at Sam’s height. He’s going to be disgruntled if they ever stand at the same scale and he comes to discover this human he can look straight in the eye is actually taller than him. Bowman’s ratio is about 1/18.5.