March 24th excerpt:

After a moment of thought, Dean reached up and tapped the back of his neck close to Stan. “If someone sees you or you need me for anything, just give me a punch,” he advised. “I can find a corner to talk.”

Stan blinked at the finger above his head, wide-eyed at the notion of hitting Dean. He’d never ever struck a human for any reason, and could hardly believe he was being asked to. He didn’t even know if the human would feel it if he tried.

February 23rd excerpt:

Just like with Sam’s pocket, Stan became all too aware of the human he was riding. The push of a pulse through thick skin as Stan’s shoulder leaned instinctively against the semi-solid surface, hearing each breath in and out of the giant and feeling the slight rise and fall of his shoulders in time with them.

The main difference, however, was that he could see. Rather than being shut up in the dark, Stan could see almost everything Dean could. Probably more, he mused as he whipped his head around to get a load of the rest of the motel room from the height of a seated human. He wasn’t even up that high, and yet he could see how all those massive structures the humans used as furniture looked to them. Smaller, manageable, and befitting someone that size.

February 21st excerpt:

It was hard to push out of that dark mood. Dean tried to shrug it off. “Shoulder or pocket?” he asked gamely, popping his collar with his other hand.

“You look ridiculous,” Sam commented helpfully.

September 4th excerpt:

Sam sheepishly pushed up the pocket flap, his ears red with embarrassment as he started to climb up to Dean’s shoulder, trying his best to make up for hiding from Jacob. It was a good instinct to have, but inconvenient when he wanted to make good impression.

“And I’m Sam!” he chimed in as soon as he reached Dean’s shoulder and saw Dean release Jacob’s hand. He held out his own hand to offer a handshake, continuing to blush fiercely. “We… talked. A few times,” he finished lamely.

It is a psychic ability, so it would respond the same as it would to anyone else seeing him. He’d get a general sense of unease, the strength of it depending if he’ll be in any danger from the person seeing him, and know to duck instantly out of sight, hopefully leaving the birdwatcher to assume they’re seeing things. Range doesn’t matter for this ability, only the act of being seen

September 10th excerpt:

That was how they drove for a while, Jacob manning the wheel while they just… went. There was no destination in mind, and the plans were to stop and check out the papers every few towns to see if there was anything suspicious going on. If not, they’d head back out. If there was, it would be time to grab a room and set up home base.

Dean, for his part, was perched like a hawk on the edge of Jacob’s shoulder with one hand on the collar for balance. He would eagerly point out the exits he wanted Jacob to take, somehow managing to meander their way throughout the state in a somewhat straight line. Sam ignored most of that, relaxing in his own spot.