I really really loved the A Little Change (the Bowman and Jacob size swap) and was wandering if you’re going to continue it? ^o^


I love that AU a lot, too! And I definitely plan to continue it and other stories like Chase In Lilliput. The explanation for why some of my projects slowed down this year can be found in this post. Now that my writing challenge is done, I plan to get back to some of those fun projects at last!

Role Reversal by goldacharmed

Contest entry for Brothers Apart, by @nightmares06. After defeating a spirit Sam and Dean wake up to find that their roles have been reversed. Sam has to learn to be the “giant” while Dean will have no choice but to learn exactly how Sam sees’s the world while being “borrower” sized. Together they will learn more about each other than they ever expected.

First Prize: The Swap


For @torchmlp

They won my Oscar Halloween Contest an age ago and requested a body swap story with Jacob and Sam, set in the Brothers Found AU (created by myself and the wonderful @nightmares06  and you can find more info @brothersapart).

This one is set not long after the first installment of that AU (and well before Jacob in Wonderland … for reasons). Shenanigans are unavoidable with a body swap and these poor dorks have a lot to navigate here. And of course, I had to end it off on the cheesiest note possible.

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The night after a hunt was always the toughest part to adjust to. The bone-deep exhaustion clung after finding the latest monster and killing it before it could hurt anyone else. Jacob was glad Sam always convinced Dean to let him stay in the motel room for a night after the fact.

He was new to this. He had a lot to learn, but after reuniting the four-inch-tall Sam Winchester with his brother, Jacob’s eyes were open to the job. They could help people. He could help people.

Like he’d helped Dean get his little brother back after years not knowing he was even alive.

Jacob settled in for the night after a still-terse but friendly acknowledgement of Good work from Dean. The guy was leery of him for accidentally hurting Sam, but they’d come a long way. The bruise on Jacob’s eye had healed up already.

He didn’t have much time to reflect on the hunt before he rolled over with a sigh and dropped off to sleep.


Waking up after a hunt was tough, but at least Jacob’s aches had already disappeared. He breathed in a sigh and shifted in bed, only to find that he’d managed to tangle his legs in the blankets.

What the hell?

He sat up squinting and reached out to tug the fabric cocoon off, only for his hands to jolt back. As he blinked himself awake, Jacob found himself definitely not in the same place he’d fallen asleep.

There was only one bed, shoved into the corner, and thin, plain blankets had replaced the patterned motel ones. He glanced around and found what could almost be a laundry bag near the bed, next to a pair of leather boots that didn’t look like his. As he observed more of the room, he found that it had no lighting in it whatsoever.

The only lighting came from …

“Oh, no way,” he muttered. The opposite wall wasn’t really a wall. Jacob stared hard at it and the shape of a book, tall enough to flatten a truck, was all he saw there. Monolithic books stacked at the other end of the room and left only one opening out.

There was a dixie cup near that opening that came up to his torso.

A Little Change (1/?)



Oh my God yes. I’ve mused briefly about this before, but not for very long each time. Getting a prompt for it really made me want to try it. So try I did.

This is not the end of this little crack story.

The Fire Spirit didn’t often turn His focus on a sprite other than His own children. He and His siblings watched the sprites they lovingly made, answering their Prayers when they could. Even as the fire sprites all over the world asked for magic from the Lord of Change, and even as He answered, He couldn’t help but look in on one of His sister’s children.

A wood sprite had befriended a human. It wasn’t the strangest happening, but it always amused. Most of the Spirits couldn’t resist checking in on the pair from time to time.

This time, as the human trudged through the woods with the sprite flitting to and fro among the leaves that the Earth Spirit had designed him to match, the Fire Spirit had an idea. A sudden notion of mischief ran through His core. If He could smile, He would.

My sister will forgive me, little one, He thought as he reached out from the place where the Spirits lived. I hope you will, too. Nothing wrong with a little change.

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Well, this wouldn’t really be a scenario for me. I’ve never watched Gravity Falls, so I lack any understanding of the show itself. Size swaps, as much as I love g/t interactions, have never really been my thing. You might see it crop up in a story or two, but I’m not likely to take any prompts for it. Gotta save my few ideas for the stories.

Size shenanigans are in the future.

This is a cute idea, but it’s more likely to appear as a story within one of the AUs, it won’t be an AU on its own. Can you just see how offended Sam will be if he wakes up in a room full of normal-sized furniture? He’d be yelling at Dean for pranking him in a dollhouse!

Oh, these brothers wouldn’t even know where to start if they switched places. Everything is suddenly small for Sam, and Dean won’t expect all the towering heights he’s surrounded with. They really aren’t prepared to walk in each other’s shoes, and Dean’s fear of heights would do him no favors. Sam won’t know his own strength at all, and he’s going to have an unnaturally fragile Dean around to watch out for.