“Let me guess, someone stole your sweetroll…” (Skyrim, friends, we’re referencing Skyrim like big TES nerds)

Flowerkin is actually neither an insult nor another species, though in the recent excerpt Sam is using it to tease Bowman (Actual tease –

Bowman is still a dainty flowerkin like always. He didn’t even get a bruise on his wings.”). It is simply a word wood sprites use to describe particularly dainty wood sprites (which is saying something because they’re all kind of willowy and thin thanks to their metabolisms). In my sprite lore, flowerkin wood sprites are responsible for the popular artistic depiction of fairies wearing flower petals and such.

For example, here is a wood sprite character that I have developed who would be considered very flowerkin:


This little lady has yet to show up in any of my stories, but she will (someday… when I get around to it).

Art by the-searching-one.

Well, I don’t want to give away too much about Brothers Found, but I will say that, no matter the scenario I give them, Bowman rarely allows Jacob to remain grabby. Bopping him on the forehead is an effective training measure to make sure he doesn’t grab. Jacob is rather grabby with Sam in the sneak peeks we’ve seen from Brothers Found.

That said, it is very hard for me not to muse about Jacob and Bowman becoming BFFs under different circumstances.


Man, once Dean figured out who was on his head, Sam might have some explaining to do! Of course, the little Winchester just had to watch that giant that was stomping around the forest to make sure he wasn’t going to find the sprites. Gotta keep those little guys safe!

That would end up with an interesting first encounter, and might even have Sam getting grabbed right off of Dean’s head!

I can say that as of this week, we have officially started to work on Brothers Asunder! *Throws a party* Whether or not Dean will be in it and will find his little brother, I can’t say, but it will definitely be a huge toss up between adorable fluff and angsty angst. 

There’s just a few more story excerpts to share from Brothers Lost, then we’ll be switching tracks to Brothers Asunder for more fun!