February 19th excerpt:

Stan’s brow jumped and he froze in place. Without Dean awake to distract him from his position, he felt his ears heat up as he glanced around the wide chest that made up his seat.

“Er… Sam? Dean fell asleep,” he called during a quiet moment in the show, reluctant to raise his voice so close to Dean and his not-quite-restful hand. He didn’t feel unsafe there, but he was certainly ready to be anywhere else.

Somewhere that didn’t turn him red in a confused blush.

October 4th excerpt: 

Jacob noticed the pressure of teeny hands on his face at last. His brow furrowed and he flinched away, startled awake at last. Leaves and grass rustled underneath his movements.

One hand rushed in to scoop up the source of his waking, to keep Bowman out of the way while his other hand propped him up. Jacob didn’t want to accidentally knock the little guy over. Most people might just swat at a feeling like that, but Jacob had gotten used to it. If he was out in the forest, he wouldn’t swat at an unknown tickle until he was sure it wasn’t a sprite.

When he was sitting up and blinking the sleep away, Jacob finally registered a couple things about the squirming shape in his hand. Brown hair instead of green, pale skin instead of brown… no wings. Oh…

April 24th excerpt:

Dean grumbled in his sleep, his eyelids fluttering open briefly in the chill air of the motel room. Wondering what had woken him, his eyes briefly wandered over to the nightstand. “ ‘ammy?” he mumbled.

When he spotted the still, sleeping form of his little brother curled up on the nightstand next to Bowman with the extra-small Jacob presumably curled between them, he smiled. Settling back down, he let himself sink back into his pillows, absently scratching at a flutter near his stomach. Dean yawned, slowly passing back into sleep.

March 25th excerpt:

Dean reached forward, stroking Sam’s back with a light finger to wake him. “Hey, kiddo.”

With a small groan, Sam peered up at Dean, flinching from the light. “Whuu…”

As quietly as he could to avoid waking the others, Dean went on. “You might want to loosen up a little on your teddy bear there,” he told Sam, hiding a smile at the confusion.

December 23rd excerpt:

John reached toward Dean and tapped the counter with his knuckle, just outside of reach of the smaller man’s reach.

Contrary to John’s hopes, the light rap against the countertop did not yield the desired results. After living over a decade in the walls, Dean was used to the feeling of vibrations or booming voices in his sleep, though normally sound was more muffled.

Dean shifted in place, rolling on his side with a brief “Quit it, Sammy,” thrown over his shoulder before settling back down.

July 27th excerpt:

Slowly, a shuddering rumble through the house pulled Bobby from his unsettled dreams and he woke with a gasp. Hunter instincts yanked him to full waking in seconds, the gun under his pillow in his hands and pointing at nothing before his eyes were fully open.

There was nothing there, and Bobby grumbled to himself as he shoved the gun back into hiding. Then, he realized what had woken him, as another shudder rocked the house. It wasn’t enough to knock the photos from his shelves, but it made itself known like a small-scale earthquake.

So far, not yet.

Sam mostly sticks on either the shoulder or the pocket. He’s fallen asleep in both places multiple times. He doesn’t usually travel in the hands very often, mostly because Dean needs them to drive or research, and Sam’s very independent. The time in Taken was unique because there wasn’t anywhere else safe for Sam to stay for the ride back, and his time being trapped was exhausting. He was out like a light.