May 14th excerpt:

Jacob’s eyes flickered curiously to the laptop. He’d gotten it to help with hunting after Sam and Dean (with some help from Bobby Singer, a mentor to all of them) got him into fake credit cards. It opened up so many possibilities, but Jacob tried to keep things to a minimum while they were staying in his home, where his stepfather the cop was hanging around.

The laptop, however, was a must, and it had been pretty much claimed by the small brothers walking on it now.

Oh, Garth. How I love him. But it’s so hard to predict his actions because it will all depend on how events play out.

After all, this is the guy who killed the tooth fairy. 


So, if the smol brothers are up to shenanigans, they should be sure to duck into hiding if he’s around. If they’re in trouble, there’s a good chance he’ll help out these very strange curse victims. If it’s just Sam smol, Garth will have a Dean solidly in between him and Sam until Sam gets his overprotective big brother to chill.

March 1st excerpt:

The Winchesters will raise questions if anyone sees them and realizes who they are.

There was a click, then a dial tone filled the air. Dean stomped on the END button with his boot, for once having nothing to say to the last statement. Even Sam was quiet where he was sitting on the edge of the laptop.

Jacob pursed his lips, letting Bobby’s words sink in. He hadn’t considered other humans, especially hunters, finding out about Sam and Dean if they went to Bobby’s again.

February 29th excerpt:

A loud click sounded over the line, and a familiar gruff voice spoke up. “Who in hell’s name is this?

Dean winced, but before he could muster up the courage to interrupt the hunter, Bobby went on. “You should not have this…

Sam jumped in, saving his older brother from the scolding. “Bobby! It’s us! We, ah… we’ve got a small problem.”

There was a long pause on the other end, then a sigh. “What kind of problem?