“I think I got lucky, having a brother like Dean. He hasn’t come close to stepping on me since we met back up. I think all those years apart wore on him. He seems afraid anytime I’m out of sight. Of course, I know better than to let my own guard down. Anywhere that humans walk, normally, I stay away from unless I’m absolutely certain I’m safe. You don’t live at this size without learning a few things about safety and being cautious. I think having Kara around made him a lot more vigilant. She has a habit of popping up when you least expect it. She keeps slipping away from Christian and Walt just so she can visit Dean.

“Oh, and if we’re talking about Dean accidentally grabbing me, he’s already mistaken me for a screwdriver, put his hand in the pocket I was sitting in and the asshat dumped a dirty t-shirt on my head and grabbed me with it. I thought he was going to do his laundry with me in it! Jerk.”