You got it! And earned everyone a sneak peek of a very fun ride from start to finish, Shadows on the Wall.

It started slow, a thickening of the darkness that edged the room. The shadows in the corner of the room darkened so much that even Sam’s eyes, adjusted to the stark darkness found in the walls, might not cut through them. The barrier between the light and the dark became a study in contrasts.

And then the shadow moved.

With a creeping, gradual pace, the shadow started to ooze over the ground. If they looked straight-on at it, all they’d see was a slight darkening against the eclectically colored rug. Out of the corner of Sam’s eye, he could see it for what it was; a single form, congealing from darkness itself. It slithered on its stomach like a snake, its path clear.

When it reached the table Dean was sitting on, the darkness vanished into the shadows underneath. The parts that had fallen behind soon followed, making even that darkness solidify.

Dean, contentedly reading their father’s journal and trusting the people sharing the room with him, didn’t spot his danger.

The shadows rippled, and began to coil up Jacob’s recently-vacated chair. Tendrils curled and pulled itself up. This time, it wasn’t formless like before. This time, a distinct shape started to take form. A torso could be seen with a head dipping down towards Dean’s spot.

Two arms rippled into existence, walling Dean in.

And that was what alerted him at last.

Dean leapt out of his seat as he saw the two black arms suddenly snap into solid existence. He stared up defiantly at the shadow, his knife in hand. “Sam!” he called out, trying to see where his little brother was, afraid this creature had already taken the others.

Finally realizing that he stood alone against the monster.