Sam and Dean will have to keep Jacob quiet if they spot the tiny burrower watching them (probably catching the borrower at some point out of sheer surprise before they realize the little guy is harmless). The field borrowers will have a hard time with how big Jacob is. How can that be a living person? It’s too big for comprehension! Just one wrong move on Jacob’s part can wipe their entire burrow off the map. (Living natural disaster; Jacob Andris)

If Bowman ever finds out how large Jacob got in this story, he will scold. Unfortunately, giant Jacob won’t be able to hear much of the scolds while he’s extra tol, and if he isn’t careful he can knock Bowman out of the sky with just a sigh!

Plus he’ll have to be real careful he doesn’t inhale the sprite by accident if he’s fluttering up by his head.

Which is why Sam won’t be coming out of the pocket. Too smol.

Aww, the poor cozy burrow, opened up to the elements! Sam would feel bad when he sees all the work they put into the place, like their carefully tended pit of coals and all the basket weaving the elders were working on with the youngest kiddos.

Poor Jacob at that scale is more along the lines of a natural disaster. The tiny borrowers can’t tell what he’s saying, and for him, Sam will have to tell him that the littlest tiny moving things on the ground are actually people. He’ll have to retreat to the other side of the field while Sam sorts things out so he doesn’t accidentally cause them more harm.

Sam is the Jacob-whisperer.

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