You both landed on the money!

#iatwaa is indeed It’s a Tall World After All (super proud of that play on words, not gonna lie XD), and definitely a ride from start to finish!

I’ll add it to the FAQ in a bit. For now, you’ve earned a sneak peek!

“Wait, what?” she muttered aloud, squinting closer at the opening while the kid knelt by the cabinet. He lowered his hand to the ground and … Oh my God!

There were two guys just casually standing on a hand the size of a goddamn truck. As Emmy watched, they stepped onto the floor and walked along the wall like it was the most normal act in the world. They didn’t even stumble.

“Well, what?!” Olive hissed, suddenly right behind Emmy. Emmy waved her hand absently, eyes fixed on the pair of them. They were moving a lot faster now, one of them trailing a hand along the wallpaper.

They were a foot away when she realized it and backed up, colliding with Olive. The two women scrambled for a moment before backing towards the opposite side of the wall with the others. Emmy’s eyes never left the thin opening.

She held her breath along with everyone else, and, as a group, the wary shrinking victims huddled farther back when the entrance flew open and revealed two silhouettes entering their hiding place, almost like they knew it was there.

She broke the silence. They were only about a foot away, all told. Those guys would have found them eventually. Emmy, who’d been there the longest, stood as tall and steady as she could, and said “Wh-who the hell are you? " 

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Boy did you! But we love it so never stop! Some of these guesses are great XD Though they don’t quite hit the mark, you’re inching closer on a few. I think I might make a post for all guesses so it’s in one place when I have time this weekend.

LETS SEE WHAT WE GOT. I’ll give you one big hint for one since you put so much thought out for us and our little creations

#sotw– not close just yet. 
#don– think sadder for our drifter
#bofa– growing warmer. Each letter is a separate word so this one’s a bit more complicated than the others in this AU
#iatwaaHINT! It’s close to what we use for our queue tag, only twisted in a different direction.
#ws– Cute tries! Still cold
#tttb– I like that name XD Maybe in the future we’ll use it. We’d probably have to tag any duplicates like that with a 2 after the rest.

Naming this one is turning out to be the hardest yet. Brothers Together got named about a week after we conceived it, and Brothers Lost only took a few hours for my cowriter to name… Brothers Apart had the name the moment I came up with the idea. And this story has been written on and off for over four months now and I’ve got nothing.

Any ideas out there? Maybe the name is just waiting for us to find it!