Tiebreaker poll!

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Poll closes either Sunday, October 14th at 9pm or when 100 votes are reached!

The next story will begin posting October 31st! Happy Halloween!

As usual, one vote each!

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If we still have a tie after this vote, my husband will pick a name from a hat and that’ll be the story that posts.

What story should post next!

I can’t believe how time flies… but here we are again, one week before Breath of the Wild comes out and just over a week before Garlic and Cold Spots wraps up.

When the next story starts, it’ll be on a new schedule, posting every Sunday and Wednesday. This time, the poll will also decide the order these three stories will post in!

The one with the most votes– posts first.

Followed by the runner up, and finally the story with the least votes will post last.

After these three stories finish, we will have a huge poll to blast off the next round of stories! So stay tuned :3


One vote each, excess votes WILL be removed!

Poll ends Friday, March 3rd at 9pm est.