Aww, you are so sweet! We’re glad you’re having such fun!

Truthfully… if there’s an update for a fic I read when I wake up in the morning, I usually can’t resist doing the same. I just need to read it as fast as possible, and it brightens up the morning. I’m glad our stories do the same for you!

We hope to never stop ^-^ So many plans, so little time. You made our night.

Oh, dear. Poor Jacob, and his tumbly nature! We’ll just have to wait and find out. I can’t imagine the scolding he’d get if he caused an earthquake in the room, lol.

As for chapter length, I must point out that with the development of my writing style has some changes to how chapters are set up. I gravitate towards suspense and anxiety, therefore we’ve gone from chapters that were usually ~3k to 4k words to chapters that can vary from ~1.5k to 5k words. With three updates a week, this shouldn’t be a problem. And there will be times that the word count goes under!

Because word count should never drive how a story is set up. The writing itself should do that.

We’re so glad you’re enjoying them! Having the brothers in the Wellwood has to be one of our favorite parts, and of course now Bowman is getting himself in trouble by startling a hunter. Dean is ready for attack, and not expecting a sprite to make such a sound from behind him!