Pool Time

anonymous asked:

Now that summer is here, would BA Sam and Dean ever want to go swimming in a pool (with no one else there, of course)? I can imagine that’d be a bit scary for Sam but with Dean there it could be fun!

The moment Dean finds out that Sam can’t really swim (he hasn’t had a chance to practice since he was 10…), he’ll insist on starting small… like a sink. That way his little brother doesn’t go sinking to the bottom of the pool the second he gets in.

If they go swimming in a pool, they just have to make sure no one else is around to see the surprise borrower guest!

NekoNoKami23: Can smols swim?
nightmares06: Aside from Dean, my smols cannot XD Nowhere to practice
BorrowedTime24601B: Generally, the borrowers we write about don’t have cause to learn
nightmares06: Oh,a nd the field borrowers could, we just haven’t visited them for a bit
Little Dreamer: If they knew how, than that girl wouldn’t have drowned and come back to haunt that house.
catpixels: they also don’t have a fast way to dry and warm themselves up. Water makes you lose temperature 25% faster
TorchMLP: can you imagine lil Sammy and Oz playing in a bathtub though?
Neon: Bowman can kinda swim if he gets his wings in the right position xD they can be like dorky stabilizers