December 29th excerpt:

“You’re too short,” Sam grumbled, leaning more of his weight on Dean than he wanted to.

“Not my fault you’re a Sasquatch!” Dean snipped. Compared to everyone else, the Winchesters were the tallest people in the room that weren’t humans, but Sam still managed to tower over him.

How dare indeed, Jake! If BL Dean or Bowman could see him now, just imagine the scolding he’d be getting…

If he could hear them, that is…

Took the liberty of going to that size comparison site to toss in some approximations.


I had to zoom my browser out to 25% to see the curve of the giant’s head. Definitely too tol. @.@

Sam’s family likely wouldn’t be around if something like this went down. As things are, they aren’t leaving the motel anytime soon. Out there, it’s hard to find safety. They’d have to rely completely on Dean or Bobby, and that’s a hard thing to do. Handing their safety, and the safety of their family over to a human isn’t an easy choice to make.

Sam may indeed find out his true height in Brothers Apart…