October 23rd excerpt:

Sam rolled his eyes with a resigned huff of amusement. “Dean calls everyone by a nickname,” he explained to Oscar dryly. “I still can’t get him to stop calling me short.”

“You are short!”

Sam glared at Dean. “Just you wait!” he threatened. “One day, I’m gonna be the tallest. Even taller than dad!

April 22nd excerpt: 

“Didn’t we go over that I’m not that big for a human?” Dean asked, poking Bowman in the side. “I don’t cause earthquakes if I fall over!”

“Hey, watch it, giant!” Bowman groused, rustling his wings irritably. “You are plenty big for a human! You’re over six feet tall!”

“And don’t you forget it, small fry,” Dean shot right back, grabbing a few more chips in his hand. “It feels good to be the tallest.”

March 17th excerpt:

Bowman smirked, taking a second drink of his beer before speaking his mind. “Yeah, we gotta get Jacob back to normal before being the tallest goes straight to Dean’s head.”

Jacob snickered at that, but almost immediately after came a loud, incessant BEEP from the microwave across the room. He couldn’t help a minor flinch from the noise and his free hand almost instinctively went to cover his ear. Everything seemed so loud at this size. Even the simple rustling of fabric as Dean shifted was sharply noticeable.

Dean stood to go get the food just as a second BEEP went off behind him. “Y’know,” he jabbed back, “being tall never went to my head in the first place, small fry.” He left them for a moment to grab his food.