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In coth(bf) we’ve gotten sneak peeks of a certain shrunken Logan, which was probably the result of the mushroom. In ttol’s(ba) sneak peeks we also got to see him in his shrunken state, although I think it’s more likely that in this au he’s under Celeste’s curse (it looks like he’s got a knack – speed/fast runner). Both scenarios are shrinking curses by angels(archangels) -do they have anything else in common? What are the differences between Celeste’s curse and the Gabriel’s wonderland mushroom?

You’ve got a good bit of this right, but #ttol definitely does not happen in Brothers Apart! Logan is not under Celeste’s curse.

(I did tell @neonthebright that now she should totally come up with a knack for him tho….)

As for poor Logan. Gabe will be the first person to admit the mushroom’s great power is– you got it!– shrinking! And that’s it. He designed it on a whim, spotting his sister dear’s interest in this group and decided to give them a test of his own making.

Since he is a trickster, his tests are not always survivable, and this one especially so. Bite the mushroom, shrink. He never really thought someone might bite it again! So there was no built-in defense to prevent Jake from shrinking a second time.

(Bite it a third time and we might be getting into the realm from The Incredible Shrinking Sam and neon cringes). 

So the main difference between Gabriel’s mushroom and Celeste’s curse is the amount of thought that went into their plans. Hers has spanned generations, and she has carefully cultivated her experiments until finally reaching the point where it’s ready to come to a head, while Gabriel? Saw a mushroom, pointed, said “Boo!” and shrank the teddy.

Play more Super Mario, Jacob.

TTOL: The Trials of Logan

A+ guess on the name! You got it on the first try.

No one needs trials like this more than our favorite little punching bag, Logan Guthrie, antagonist of Bowman of Wellwood. An all-around unpleasant man.

Bobby looked away from Dean and Logan, turning a blind eye to whatever they did. “Want some help getting that blood out?” he offered Sam, sizing up the splotch and the dark spot around it from Rumsfeld’s saliva.

Sam glanced at it. “Sure. I’m kind of running low on jackets, anyway. We don’t exactly have a supply of them…”

“I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve,” Bobby assured the kid as he held out his hand. Once Sam was with him, they left the kitchen with Rumsfeld close behind, leaving the other pair to their own devices.

Dean stared at the jar in his hand with an assessing gaze, looking over the man inside. From their last encounter, time had not been kind on Logan. His clothing was showing wear and his hair was a mess. A trip to the barber wouldn’t be out of the question, either.

By contrast, even directly after a hunt, Dean’s hair was spiked and his jacket in pristine condition. His jeans were ripped by his thigh, and his boots had some dirt caked to the bottom. Despite a few frays, it was a far cry from Logan’s tattered appearance.

“I think we can do better than that,” Dean said dryly, flipping the jar upside down.