November 28th excerpt:

Once he had a decent idea of the lay of the land, which changed quite often with Sherlock and John’s eclectic style of organization, Dean’s legs tensed.

Without any warning, he bolted for the entrance to the walls near John’s armchair.

November 14th excerpt:

“So, how do we get this started?”

Now,” Dean said pointedly, his grin broadening, “you get the biggest honor of all.”

With a grandiose gesture, Dean waved towards the floor near the agent’s feet. “You get to offer me a lift to the floor so we can get this party started.”

October 9th excerpt:

Once he was in place, Dean shooed Stan off. “Now got get him so we can get this thing started.”

Stan just barely contained a chuckle to see Dean waving him off from his perch, still working out the boundaries there and not wanting to come off as patronizing. With a cheeky salute, he did as he was told and headed downstairs.

October 7th excerpt:

“Seriously?” Stan admonished. “This is the impression you’re gonna make?”

Bill blinked, not expecting such a strong reaction from him. “Hey, I… I was only tryin’ to–,”

“Save it, North,” Stan snapped, shutting Bill right up.

August 29th excerpt:

“I-I think we should start over,” Dean said in a wavering voice, trying to stand on his toes to spot Stan. Get me out of this.

It was a good thing Sam had ducked back into the walls.

August 28th excerpt:

“Sam, you comin’?!” Dean called.

“Just a second!”

Dean impatiently waited by the exit, tapping a boot. “If you didn’t have so much hair, this wouldn’t be such a project!” he called again.

July 18th excerpt

Given their initial training session, Sherlock was certain that Stan had more to fear from Dean than vice versa.

That decided, Sherlock pushed himself to stand once again, glancing at Dean once before striding away to gather a few supplies.

“Try not to break him this time,” he chided Dean over his shoulder as he sifted through the equipment on his worktable.

July 17th excerpt:

Stomping to his feet while Sam recovered his equanimity, Dean hollered at the wall, “WHAT?! ” as he grabbed his boots and shoved them on, harder than he might normally.

Hearing the somewhat muffled reply, Sherlock stooped down to peer into the darkness between the books and the wall to keep an eye out for Dean.

July 16th excerpt:

When the harsh knocking came from outside the walls, Sam leaped up two inches from his nest, eyes wide as he went from fast asleep to on the alert in record time. Dean, quietly working on his project in his own nest, accidentally twisted the metal of the paper clip in the wrong direction.

“Son of a bitch! ” he swore, glaring towards the outside of the walls, where they knew Sherlock was. There were times it was convenient to have human allies, and they definitely slept better knowing that they weren’t about to be torn from their homes just because they made a slip-up.