The emergence of a knack

I’m sorry if this has been answered before, but how soon after being cursed does a little’s knack start up? I know that Brothers Together said his knack came through after a few years…

It depends on the person, and how strong the curse is when its put on them (by the time Celeste curses Sam, she’s refined her technique, but some of the first borrowers to be cursed exhibited signs of their new abilities within days or months because of how overpowering the grace was).

Sam and Dean generally start to exhibit real signs of their knack around 2 – 3 years after they’ve been cursed. It starts out as weak twinges, and then grows in strength. Dean’s uncanny ability to always stumble into food becomes an ability that lets him track down anything he needs. Sam thinks he’s just good at predicting when a human’s about to walk into the room, but instead he’s feeling that their attention is coming closer to him.

A borrower that is born instead of cursed will have that ability their entire life. Whether they exhibit will depend on their specific situation. Only 1 or 2 borrowers out of 100 will actually show signs of their ability, the other 98 go on not realizing they have an ability at all, much like Walt Watch did until the moment he needed it most. 

Of course, the borrowers that the story tends to focus on are those with their special abilities, so we’ll be seeing quite a few new knacks as the stories progress!

When exactly in Brothers Apart do the Food and Monsters events take place in?

  • Pizza and Hexbags, the first in the series, takes place before Home, the 4th Brothers Apart story.
  • Salads and Sulfur, part of Food and Monsters, takes place before Taken, the 7th Brothers Apart installment.
  • Popcorn and No Monsters takes place right after the events of Salads and Sulfur.
  • Burgers and Pixie Dust is right after A Lich of Sense (it even borrows some of the text from the end of that story).
  • The Real Adventure Begins is right after that one.
  • Aaaand Chow Mein and Graveyards is pretty much right after.

So far, the series has not caught up with the latest events of Brothers Apart, but before we know it it’ll be time for me to add another installment to Oscar’s adventures.


Hey listen. Not sure if offense you but in Brothers Apart (like the first one) Sam and Dean said it’s been 13 years since they were separated. But what’s been bugging me is that Sam was 10 when it happened, which is 1993 (and Sam was born 1983). And the story take place in August 2005. Weren’t that mean he’s technically 22 years old?

That’s what happens when you don’t adequately check your work when you’re writing! Remember to always double- and triple-check the facts and make sure you use trustworthy websites. Sam was 22 when they first got back together, and then turned 23 after Taken.

A Lich of Sense took place in late summertime, just over a year after Sam and Dean first met. So it was very close to fall, but the leaves were not yet turning colors, leaving Bowman’s vivid green wings a perfect camouflage for him when he was trying to hide from Dean.

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