July 12th excerpt:

“Do you really think we should leave the Impala here with the truck?” Sam asked in concern, his brow furrowed. “It’s a dead giveaway if they do find the truck, and we won’t be anywhere close to stop them from towing her.”

“Dean… thanks,” Jacob cut in, before the conversation could steer any further away. He wanted to make sure that the brothers knew how much it meant that they were so willing to help him, despite the trouble it might bring to them. Trouble like someone connecting their car to the truck burglary.

The car, at least, was something Jacob could possibly help with.

“If you don’t want to leave your car where it’s hard to get to…”

It’s perfectly possible, but the resources and ability to make that possibility come true is a different problem.

There’s no question that Dean’s smart enough to learn robotics, but there’s a reason he got a GED and never graduated. Hunting takes up most of his life and though he isn’t as obsessed as John is, he wouldn’t have the time to dedicate to learning robotics. There is a lot he would have to learn to be able to apply it. Then there’s the issue of getting access to the materials that are needed.

It would probably be faster just searching for a spell to shrink down a car to experiment with.