August 17th excerpt:

Sam gave up on that search. There was something niggling at the back of his mind, and on a hunch, he put in ‘tiny people living in the walls,’ unable to shake the thought that he’d heard of something like that while growing up. Not from his father or Dean, but from school and other kids. Something that, despite his experience with the supernatural, had never seemed quite real compared to what he dealt with on a daily basis.

This search yielded an instant result, bringing up a movie from 1997 that made Sam’s eyes light up. 

The Borrowers.

Sherlock…handles things in his own way.

The circumstances in Hounds of Baskerville were a little different than in BC. When Sherlock has his big freak-out, he’s been drugged and is much more high-strung than he normally would be. Though, that’s not to say that he handles that topic perfectly.

Sherlock’s entire reality is built on science and logic, what he can see and feel and prove. He’d refuse to believe in the supernatural unless it was right in front of him. He can’t exactly deny the existence of the bitty bros, but he will struggle with the idea of witches and a curse. We’ll just have to wait and see if he runs into ghosts and vampires to gauge his reaction.


October 1st excerpt:

Oh crap, Oscar thought, practically holding his breath. If he heard correctly, they were going to come searching for people in the walls … did that human have them bringing people out that he could also capture? Oscar sidled along the nightstand and slipped behind it, hoping they’d go do their exploring of the room while he found his way to an exit and got the hell out of dodge.

He shouldn’t have come back to the room. Oscar’s curiosity had drawn him back like a moth to flame. He’d already wrapped up a handful of salt from one of the piles left by the human in a scrap of cloth. Salt was good for all kinds of things, and they’d just left it lying around like weirdos.

It’s hard to say right off the bat. When I write John or Walt in my stories, they’re very volatile characters. One little thing can set them off, as I discovered with Walt.

I’d say he’d be a little hardheaded about the idea, but he’d realize they’re pretty harmless. All they honestly want to do is keep out of sight and away from humans. There can be a bad egg or two, but mostly they are smol innocents that need more protection from humans than the other way around.

May 30th excerpt:

Dean froze when he heard a scuff, then a distant door creaking open. “Jacob wouldn’t come up here unless it was an emergency,” he said knowingly, a dark tone in his voice. The sound of someone saying Dude! drifted to the tiny people in the room, and it wasn’t Jacob’s voice.

Maybe. Or maybe if one of Sam’s people makes a deal or just plain goes to hell, they become demons too, so you have itty bitty black smoke clouds looking for a host.

And angels do not have a problem with any size host. When you’re the size of the Chrysler building, a few more feet won’t hurt to smoosh into.