Oh, you are so, so close. So close. But not quite there.

Jacob, at the time of Sam getting cursed, would be five years old. Just a wee little five-year-old.

Hint: Take away one of these characters and change the size of one of the others and we should just about be there. Anyone got it? Send it in! Maybe this weekend will end with the sneak peek!

Jacob will be the first person to agree with you there, I can tell you that! They don’t have a ruler to measure him in the story, but he’s about an inch and a half tall, making him just about teddy bear sized to Sam.

Because of the immense size difference, this is a horror story. It’s darker than our normal stuff, and experimental in a lot of ways to see how our styles do with horror. It’s not a story for everyone, and it’ll be a roller coaster ride from start to finish! 

Jacob was quickly distracted from his shock at Sam and Bowman’s size when he felt the rumble in the ground. A much bigger rumble than before. The tips of each blade of grass around them quivered in time with the tremors, and the shaking traveled up his legs through his planted feet and shaking knees.

He knew what caused it and his regret for the extra shrinkage doubled. It was one thing to face being tiny in a very big world alongside his friends. But now even they were big to him, so tall that he had to tilt his head back to speak directly to them. And that was nothing compared to what was making the ground shake beneath him so much.

Oh shit. Oh shit oh shit that’s right.

Dean’s even bigger now.