How does Sean looks like?

Sorry this took so long! 

I was actually hoping to find a face claim, but he’s got very dark skin, chocolate brown eyes, and his hair was very short. It’s grown out some since he was cursed, but he doesn’t like it when it grows out, so he’ll likely convince Walt or Sam to help him with a hair cut.

He’s about shoulder height for Sam, and when he finishes growing, he’ll be slightly taller than Walt, but won’t be able to reach Sam’s lofty 4 inches.

Aside from Celeste back at the beginning, Dean is the only human that’s ever seen Sean. Walt has been keeping a close eye on him ever since they met and acting as a surrogate father for the newly-cursed boy, and if anyone knows what they’re doing, with both scavenging for supplies and raising former humans, it’s Walt.

Even Dean didn’t see him for the first few weeks he was at the motel. They made damn sure that Dean knew what he was doing around people their size before risking anyone new out in the open where they’re so vulnerable.