May 10th excerpt:

Dean’s hand eclipsed the top of the pocket, blocking out any sight of the world above. All he saw was the massive silhouette of a hand more powerful than Jacob could imagine. And it was reaching right for him. Too fast for Jacob to react, fingers the size of pillars settled around the money (and him) at the bottom of the pocket like a domed cage. They started to close in on him from all sides.

Damn … the one time he’s not using his fleet of fraud credit cards!

March 31st excerpt:

There was something about seeing his own familiar phone on a huge scale, held easily in a hand that was even bigger. Jacob always knew his phone was on the little side, but it was a weird show of perspective to have it look both dwarfed in Dean’s grip and big enough that if it closed on him, it would crush him.

“Yeah, I mean, they’ll worry I might get cranky if I don’t get enough sleep,” he answered flatly, before looking back at the screen and sighing faintly. “Just, uh. Okay, tell her ‘vacationing with Lisongs,’ that should be enough.” He rubbed the back of his neck self-consciously, weirded out by the fact that he was asking someone else to do something as simple as send a text for him.

Dean’s thumb was bigger than Jacob, and as it navigated the buttons and punched out a simple message, he couldn’t help but wonder how much damage that much pressure would do if Jacob got in the way of it.

March 30th excerpt:

Jacob took a few careful steps forward, but he barely made it to Dean’s first knuckle before he stumbled and pitched forward. He tumbled head over heels onto Dean’s hand and a whuff of air rushed out of his lungs. He rolled to a stop on his back, his eyes wide and staring straight up. A few deep breaths restored his bearings, enough to realize he’d fallen right to the base of Dean’s fingers.

“Well that’s one way to do it,” he tried to play it off, but felt his cheeks heating up from the clumsy mishap.

Dean couldn’t hold in a chuckle at the abashed Jacob on his palm. As Sam grabbed his satchel, leaving his dirtied jacket behind, Dean shifted the hand a little so the flesh around Jacob was cupped, keeping him safely away from any edges as long as the fingers remained closed. It was strange to see how some of the wrinkles on his palm loomed over Jacob while he was lying flat on his back. Dean was careful not to pinch any of those tiny limbs as he shifted.

“Maybe you should let Sam give you some pointers,” Dean joked. “I think he’s the leading expert on standing on hands around here. He could even show you a thing or two about climbing.”

March 28th excerpt:

Jacob didn’t move a muscle. Even Dean’s most careful steps rattled in the nightstand. He wondered what it would feel like if Dean actually had his shoes on. Jacob barely breathed. That hand, laden with a huge basin of water, was like a low flying plane coming ever closer.

Dean knelt and lowered the soap dish to the center of the nightstand, placing it lightly on the surface. “Okay, so just let me know if you need anything else. I’ll just be doing research…” He figured they didn’t want him sticking around, so he shifted in place, readying himself to stand back up.

March 23rd excerpt:

“Dean,” Sam interrupted gently. The changing channels froze. “Jacob picked Star Wars.

Dean glanced over at them in surprise, a flush rising to his face in embarrassment. “He did?” His eyes flicked back to the television, switching back to the movie. “Sorry about that,” he mumbled, clearly upset.

Jacob chuckled sheepishly, once again reminded that just communicating with Dean had become an obstacle. His tiny lungs would need to work hard to produce enough sound for the huge hunter to actually register.

March 19th excerpt:

Dean laughed at his attempt. “I don’t know, half-pint. You might have some hidden strength in there that you’re saving for a special occasion. Meanwhile…” Dean folded all of his fingers but one into a fist, holding out his index finger to Jacob in a gesture that was far more considerate of his size. The end of the fingertip hovered about an inch away from the minuscule hunter. “Maybe you’ll have a better shot at the top like this.” 

“That’s more like it,” Jacob quipped. This time he didn’t hesitate to walk closer to Dean’s hand. The fact that it was as huge as it was still caused a lingering nervousness in the back of his mind.

He held out his hand for the comparison offered, staring now at the fingertip in front of him. From the tip to the first knuckle was almost Jacob’s body length. Jacob thought he might as well be looking through a microscope. He could see Dean’s fingerprints in stark detail. In fact, Jacob’s own fingers would probably fit between them. 

March 10th excerpt:

Once he was upright, Dean held the hand near his face, finally able to see Jacob clearly. “Hey kid,” he whispered. “How you feeling?”

Jacob’s eyes were wide as he stared back. He could see every freckle on Dean’s face, every minor shift of his irises as green eyes the size of Jacob dilated to focus on him. Jacob thought that he could be looking at a face projected on the Times Square coke sign and it would be about this big.

It was a discouraging thought that he needed to be this close for Dean to be able to see him clearly. There was no way for him to be sure exactly how big he was; he was certain the others had a guess as to his current measurement, but he wasn’t going to be asking that anytime soon. It had to be tiny if the simple action of Dean whispering sent a considerable breeze over his body.