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Is this from “For Science”?!

You see right through us!

It is indeed from the ill-fated beginning of the third season of Brothers Apart, For Science!

Bowman rubbed at his eyes and leaned forward, clinging to the bars of his own cage. He frowned out, squinting. It had to be a trick of perspective. It had to be. Bowman’s heart did flips even as he told himself that, because what he was seeing was wrong.

The shaky pool of light emanating from the flashlight Dean held didn’t lie. Bowman just couldn’t understand how this had happened.

“Dean … Dean, why in the Spirit’s Dance does it look like you’re sprite-sized right now?!”

COM – What the Hell 2


Commission for @torchmlp and @samwinchesterseyes​!

Torch and samwinchesterseyes wanted a continuation of the sizeshifter Sam AU, so here we are!

Sizeshifter!Sam AU

Word count: 1907

Together, the Winchesters were able to piece together the events of that night.

Somehow, Sam had grown to a giant, and stopped the werewolf in its tracks. Restrained the werewolf long enough for Dean to dart in, sinking his silver knife into its throat, taking out the threat.

After that, Sam somehow lost his giant stature, diminishing to just a few inches in height. Dean had tracked him down, and pocketed him for safe-keeping.

“I can’t believe you stuck me in a pocket,” Sam muttered, rubbing the bridge of his nose with a thumb.

Dean sent him a side-eyed look, both hands firmly on the wheel of the Impala as they got the hell out of dodge. The last thing they needed was the authorities showing up to a bloody murder scene in a demolished house. As guilty as that would make them look, they’d be lucky if they could pull off an escape before getting thrown in jail.

The night was dark, the sun fallen beneath the horizon long ago. Dean had only stopped at the motel long enough to toss their bags in the back, not bothering to check out. Sam had to stay and wait for him, impatient and antsy, wondering if his strange affliction was over or if it was just beginning.

“Where else was I supposed to put ya?” Dean said defensively. Mirth glinted in his eyes, full of adrenaline from their successful case. “It’s not everyday I find myself a fun-sized brother!

Sam’s face turned red at the idea. “Not funny, Dean!”

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of course Dean would have an urge to cut Sam’s hair, even before he knew it was Sam XD

XD He wouldn’t be Dean otherwise. At least Sam’s hair should be… 90% safe from him. Since Dean’s shorter than his hair. Of course, he does have a knife, and it’s plenty sharp for a few strands of hair…

Determining your own knack? Dang that’s hard. My perceptive abilities are crap so I probably wouldn’t have one like Sam or Dean XD It’d probably be more physical, like maybe, idk enhanced durability or something. Whatever it was, it would probably take me forever to even notice it XD

All I could think of is a pile of books falling on your head, and you barely notice until you friend points out how the hell are you still standing, those things weigh like ten pounds each, and you realize you just shrugged off a pile of textbooks like it was nothing.

What would your knack be? Let us know!

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Have I ever mentioned that I love your tags? They always crack me up

XD Yaaaay! This is The Goal, when I have the energy for extra tags while I’m working on stuff.

Jacob just got shushed by a giant… that finger covers like half his face.




If we take your two guesses we can splice together the title of the next fic in Brothers Unexpected! A Place for Oz (which happens to be Dean’s pocket more often than not XD), continues on the adventure for the smolest kiddo with his irascible giant and his even-more irascible father!

Suddenly all of Oscar’s questions for Dean were far from his mind. The current situation held his focus.

He was in a car.

All his life, creeping through the dark vents and spaces between motel room walls, Oscar had never imagined what it’d be like. He could actually feel the motion, faint vibrations as the car hurtled along far faster than he could fathom. Even the turns didn’t slow down enough for him to keep up. The sounds and the feelings rattled his miniscule body and Oscar was stuck between fascinated and scared.

He kept a corner of his cloth pinched in his fingers, rubbing the worn threads with a thumb. Oscar was very good at staying hidden, and if Dean didn’t know he was there, he might not even notice the tiny weight in his pocket. No one looking at the teen would see more than a fold in the fabric. Oscar took a slow breath in, and then let it all out in a huff. He was safe, and he just needed to remind his nerves of the fact.

After some time curled up in his blanket with little change from the outside of the pocket, he shifted at last. Curiosity crept in and nagged at him. This was the first time he’d really left home, and he was missing it. That thought enabled him to let go of his blanket and push it to the corner of the pocket while he grasped at the flannel weave instead.

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SAN – Sam and Nicholas

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san – Sam and Nicholas? Even if this isn’t right, I am looking forward to learning more about Jacob’s dad!

You got it!

In Brothers Unexpected, Sam has a lot to get used to. Including Jacob’s father, Nicholas Andris, the person Jacob resembles the most when he grows up, especially in height.

While Sam is but a two-and-a-half inch tall kiddo.

(If anyone’s missed it, there’s a special short story about Jacob and his late father over on deviantart. It happens later along the timeline than where Brothers Unexpected is at thus far. Check it out here and the second part here.)

Nicholas froze in the middle of relaxing into the couch’s worn, comfortable cushions. His heart skipped a beat and he processed what he’d heard, the tiniest little noise that he might not have noticed. Before they found Sam, he definitely wouldn’t have registered the sound.

He glanced around, turning his head to scan the room. He knew Sam hadn’t been on the couch when he came in, so he could at least do away with the frantic worry that he’d nearly crushed the kid. That didn’t write out the possibility that he was under the couch or somewhere near enough that Nicholas’ careless action could have hurt the tiny kid.

“Sam?” he called out cautiously. His deep voice was quiet, but he knew that to Sam it still rumbled overhead. If the kid was hurt or scared, he probably wouldn’t answer.