I’m guessing BFTP is basically Brothers Adopted, but with Dean tiny instead of Sam?

You got it!

Brothers Remembered has Sam and Dean separated in childhood, Dean barely managing to push his younger brother out of the way in time to avert the curse, but get caught in the blast himself. When, years later, another kid gets snapped up, what’s Dean to do but take him in and teach him to survive?

Since Dean is an adult when he finds Jacob, he takes him to his shelter and nurses him back to health, and helps the kid adjust when he wakes up. They occasionally talk to Walt and Mallory, but by and large Dean and Jacob are independent of the others.

Naturally, shenanigans happen when Sam stays overnight, suspecting none of this.

There was some keys tossed on the nightstand, and a shadow that passed by the vent, its owner out of sight. Dean’s eyes tracked the hulking shadow, enough to eclipse him and everyone he knew at the motel without a problem.

Then, the shadow’s owner came into view and Dean had to restrain himself from leaping back.

This human was big.

The guy might be the biggest person Dean had ever seen. Standing so tall that the vent was only a few scant feet above his head, his hair was longer and fluffed out at the sides, showing signs that he’d just gotten in and had no time to recover from his drive.

A classic road tripper, if a little young. Dean had an urge to cut that long, floppy hair that he couldn’t explain.

The human never noticed him up there, perched above the vent, but that was enough for Dean. He didn’t want to mess with a person that big, tired from driving or not. Whatever supplies this guy had, he could keep. Dean would run through the room after he checked out of the motel for good.

Hitching up his duffel, Dean turned toward home and left that room behind.

It was indeed!

During original brainstorming for Sam’s home, Haven, Kansas was the location I ran with because of how perfect the name of the town was for the purpose it would serve in his life. A safe haven to grow up in.

One of the motels in the area is Trails West, so if anyone’s in the area, they should drop in and snag a room. Maybe you’ll see a familiar face peeking out at you!

(I claim no ownership of the name and none of the events in my story have actually happened 😛 This is all just fun and entertainment.)


Sam would be most likely to return to Trails West and coax clothing out of his old friend Krissy. She’s a bit less intimidating to talk to compared to an entire group of new people his size, and in a new situation he’ll always face the possibility of flat-out rejection because of his older brother. Krissy learned from Mallory on how to make clothes much like what he’s wearing now, so they’ll be more comfortable for him compared to anything other communities can make

He’s not particularly skilled at weaving his own, unlike Oscar.


Arty by @mogadeer

I spent an hour trying to get an accurate map of the Trails West Inn(?) for reference purposes for the artists and writers that would like to do things for your AU, also please feel free to point out any mistakes if you notice them! (The lines extended beyond the walls are where I remember there being potential entrances! And the square beyond the walls on the far left is the window with an AC underneath.)