March 30th excerpt:

Jacob took a few careful steps forward, but he barely made it to Dean’s first knuckle before he stumbled and pitched forward. He tumbled head over heels onto Dean’s hand and a whuff of air rushed out of his lungs. He rolled to a stop on his back, his eyes wide and staring straight up. A few deep breaths restored his bearings, enough to realize he’d fallen right to the base of Dean’s fingers.

“Well that’s one way to do it,” he tried to play it off, but felt his cheeks heating up from the clumsy mishap.

Dean couldn’t hold in a chuckle at the abashed Jacob on his palm. As Sam grabbed his satchel, leaving his dirtied jacket behind, Dean shifted the hand a little so the flesh around Jacob was cupped, keeping him safely away from any edges as long as the fingers remained closed. It was strange to see how some of the wrinkles on his palm loomed over Jacob while he was lying flat on his back. Dean was careful not to pinch any of those tiny limbs as he shifted.

“Maybe you should let Sam give you some pointers,” Dean joked. “I think he’s the leading expert on standing on hands around here. He could even show you a thing or two about climbing.”

Oh, dear. Poor Jacob, and his tumbly nature! We’ll just have to wait and find out. I can’t imagine the scolding he’d get if he caused an earthquake in the room, lol.

As for chapter length, I must point out that with the development of my writing style has some changes to how chapters are set up. I gravitate towards suspense and anxiety, therefore we’ve gone from chapters that were usually ~3k to 4k words to chapters that can vary from ~1.5k to 5k words. With three updates a week, this shouldn’t be a problem. And there will be times that the word count goes under!

Because word count should never drive how a story is set up. The writing itself should do that.