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What’s Something Borrowed exactly in the ba multiverse? I mean, it looks like a au of itself but you never mention it when it comes to posting the au’s status… Just wondering:-)


We haven’t added this one to the full AU list because as of this point, no one has guessed the AU name (less important) or the plot of the AU (more important). We tend to keep storylines under wraps unless it gets guessed by one of our readers, after which we’ll give the big reveal (like Brothers Lost just had with the season finale shenanigans that we’re writing).

Right now, Something Borrowed falls under the Unknown AU sneak peek section:

and in the AU breakdown we recently did, it falls under the last bulletpoint:

We need more Kara, Sean and Dean moments.

We really do!

There might not be anything currently planned in BA with these three, but that’s not the only AU around, and Kara will certainly be showing up in the future to be cute with her Dean!


Before he could step up, Kara darted past both of the men. “You forgot your hook, mister!” she called to Dean, prying it from the edge and brandishing it at him.

Dean waved at her. “How ‘bout you hang onto that for me?” he called back. “Just be sure to take good care of it.”

“I will!” she proclaimed proudly.


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Unless the third that’s off was the “cursed as a child” bit. I have two guesses for what might’ve happened instead. A: he was cursed as a teen, which is neither an adult nor a child (I suppose this is a bit of a reach, but it’s a viable interpretation of the clues thus far). B: he was born a borrower (you never confirmed or denied that part of the one ask supposing he was born a borrower, AND you’ve been calling him a borrower rather than a Little).

“Borrowers” gets used by London exclusively, “Littles” is a bit more prevalant in america, plus Bobby uses it a lot. Sam jumped on “littles” to escape Dean’s constant teasing about being a character from those books XD 

Trying to put together all the clues. Stan was cursed as a child, but he wasn’t in America at the time. Sam and Dean are both full sized and adults. Stan will not become part of the 221b gang, so probably not Sherlock. However, 1/3 of Torch’s ask was off, so I’m guessing that it was the “captured and sold to America” b/c he was cursed as a child and did meet the bros. So Sam and Dean are visiting England for some reason and happen to meet(read: grabby hands, bad Dean (or Sam?)) a wee Stan?

You backtracked from torch’s answer. We now only have 1/3 right, and that’s just their relative sizes to each other.

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