July 17th excerpt:

Stomping to his feet while Sam recovered his equanimity, Dean hollered at the wall, “WHAT?! ” as he grabbed his boots and shoved them on, harder than he might normally.

Hearing the somewhat muffled reply, Sherlock stooped down to peer into the darkness between the books and the wall to keep an eye out for Dean.

March 20th excerpt:

If he ever did go into a room occupied by giants, there were rules to follow. He had to listen for breathing, the powerful gales in and out of enormous lungs. Relaxed breaths told him if they were sleeping or focused. Sleeping humans usually didn’t wake, if he was quiet enough while he searched around for food or something to use back in his home, nestled inside the walls themselves.

Every time he left that little haven, his heart rate sped up.

You got it! And earned everyone a sneak peek of a very fun ride from start to finish, Shadows on the Wall.

It started slow, a thickening of the darkness that edged the room. The shadows in the corner of the room darkened so much that even Sam’s eyes, adjusted to the stark darkness found in the walls, might not cut through them. The barrier between the light and the dark became a study in contrasts.

And then the shadow moved.

With a creeping, gradual pace, the shadow started to ooze over the ground. If they looked straight-on at it, all they’d see was a slight darkening against the eclectically colored rug. Out of the corner of Sam’s eye, he could see it for what it was; a single form, congealing from darkness itself. It slithered on its stomach like a snake, its path clear.

When it reached the table Dean was sitting on, the darkness vanished into the shadows underneath. The parts that had fallen behind soon followed, making even that darkness solidify.

Dean, contentedly reading their father’s journal and trusting the people sharing the room with him, didn’t spot his danger.

The shadows rippled, and began to coil up Jacob’s recently-vacated chair. Tendrils curled and pulled itself up. This time, it wasn’t formless like before. This time, a distinct shape started to take form. A torso could be seen with a head dipping down towards Dean’s spot.

Two arms rippled into existence, walling Dean in.

And that was what alerted him at last.

Dean leapt out of his seat as he saw the two black arms suddenly snap into solid existence. He stared up defiantly at the shadow, his knife in hand. “Sam!” he called out, trying to see where his little brother was, afraid this creature had already taken the others.

Finally realizing that he stood alone against the monster.

No one has found any way into the walls just yet, but Oscar’s been keeping a close eye out!

Really, Gabriel made the entire place out of his own little miniverse, so he might not have gone that far into detail. Or wants to keep the little guys within reach in case any trouble crops up. The rules he set down must not be broken. He did give them a good place to get out of sight on the tables where small dividers separated the two size levels, in case they need space.

Asunder Sam will have a blast either way, and get to see what it’s like in a dive bar like he remembers from childhood!

April 26th excerpt:

“Dean! Wait!” Sam shouted. He pointed down next to the leg of the dresser. “That should work.”

That happened to be a peeling piece of the old wallpaper that covered the walls of the room. Under the curling corner at the bottom, instead of drywall, there was a blackness that almost seemed darker than night.

January 5th excerpt:

Dean! ” Sherlock called, cutting off John’s comment as he took long strides toward the kitchen. It was the most likely place they’d find the tiny man. Sherlock had no doubt the Winchesters’ food supply had been greatly depleted that night and would need to be refilled.

Biting back a cringe at the volume of Sherlock’s voice, John heaved a weary sigh as he followed his flatmate.

The silence in the kitchen shattered, Dean burst out from behind the glassware on the countertop, looking more frazzled than normal. His duffel was discernibly thicker than before, and a biscuit hung out of his other arm. Clearly, he had been busy in the time since they’d seen him last.

What?! ” Dean hissed. “And, what the hell?! How do you possibly always know where I am? It’s ruining my mystique!”

September 23rd excerpt:

“Holy shit he’s gonna do it. Holy shit.”

He barely got the words out before the wall a foot and a half away from them practically exploded inward. Jacob’s boot retreated from the strong kick and the parts of the drywall that he’d splintered sagged. Light broke in and illuminated the angrily stirring dust.

Sam scowled at the sight of the light pouring into the walls, but he couldn’t do anything about it except for stalk forward to use the new ‘entrance.’ He stepped carefully over the broken debris, waving a hand in front to try and dispel the dust particles clogging the air. A slight shudder hit him at how easy it was for Jacob to break down pathways that might have been peacefully used for years before this day.