October 3rd excerpt: 

Jacob had always been something of an outsider in the village, owing to his huge size compared to its leafy-winged residents. It was strange to stand by and watch another human leaning so close to one of the home trees.

It was like getting an outside view of how strange he looked among the village.

He was a bit jealous that Sam, by contrast, fit in so well that he could walk right into that house. The most Jacob could manage would be to poke a few fingers through a window at the most. He and Dean wouldn’t be able to fit their hands through the doors.

September 18th excerpt:

Dean finished scanning the area near the tree with nothing more than a low-level blip that meant nothing. “S’cuse me,” he murmured softly, leaning closer to the tree itself and beginning another scanning pattern to be sure he covered every inch. With the size of the sprites, it would be too easy to miss a clue like that.

Dean’s actions had a captive audience. Sprite faces peered out of the homes on the tree, watching his hand curiously. Most of them showed no trepidation, only interest in the object in his hand or hope that he’d find an answer in his sweeps.

April 11th excerpt:

Jacob opted to take up the rear of their little group, since he carried the flashlight. He noticed that Bowman flew relatively low, and paused to look back often. His shape nearly disappeared in the dark at times.

The closer they came to the village, the easier their travels went. Up ahead, small, gently glowing lights guided them unerringly to the cottonwood at the very edge.