June 21st excerpt:

Another chime rang out from his pocket, and this time John bothered to check it. He gave a small sigh, turning a flat glare in Sherlock’s direction.

“Really? We’re in the same room, Sherlock.”

The detective’s frown deepened, unwavering. John rolled his eyes and read the texts.

We need to talk – SH


( I’m glad you added in the part that you enjoyed the stories with the other characters because otherwise, I am salt on this entire topic after the times it’s been asked )

Okay, so. On Brothers Apart, as I’ve said in the past, I don’t plan on ever dropping the storyline. I have plans for several more stories, including the main arch with the witch, a few other stories with neon, my characters Barry and Xander along with Walt, Bree and the burrow. However, once again, I don’t have enough material or drive to keep up with a post a week for BA. So, I’ll be putting it in the poll just like the others to let everyone vote the story in if they want to read it.

I had a falling out with my editor last year because of Brothers Apart. Not only did they want to tell me what to write, it was a constant litany of “Did you finish a chapter? Can I read it? Are you done yet?” and I can tell you that is the worst way to approach any writer, and that’s a major reason that it’s taking me so long to write anymore. It caused writer’s block for months and I even had to shred an entire story when they wanted to run it. Anyone who brings this up, I’m gonna say now that you’ll probably get only salt for answers because I am not over it and I keep getting reminded, and it’s not helping things.

Another thing is, some of the AUs we wrote are done from prompts from our followers, like Brothers Lost and Brothers Asunder. We’re really hoping everyone likes what we’ve come up with!

So, you’ll see more BA, and hopefully plenty of it, but I need a break. I can’t post more than one story at a time because I have trouble keeping track of more than one and it was majorly confusing when I was posting Lich and Salt Lines at the same time.

Also!! Just because there are other characters in the story doesn’t mean my characters will be any different… It’s a nice change of pace to switch things up on them, and I personally love it. Neon is an amazing writer, and without her I probably wouldn’t be writing BA by now after the shit I went through, so you all might want to thank her.

( If I’ve been saltier in my answers than normal this month, I don’t mean it on purpose. For the last three days this week I’ve watched the temperature gauge on my car rise too high, and go to just the edge of overheating, and no matter what we do it looks like I’m gonna need a new car and I don’t have the cash for that. Plus work is extra stressful. Yaay. )

Portability is definitely not why I write on this scale.

First things first, the main reason you see Sam standing at 4 inches tall is because the majority of my stories are either Brothers Apart, or AUs based on Brothers Apart. The scale is not going to change between them.

Second, I do have other stories that work with different scales. Reversal of Fate and An Ounce Of Courage both use the scale where Sam/Dean stand at 3 inches tall. This scale was discarded for BA because if he’s in it for the long haul, he’s going to need to do things for himself. He is not dependent on Dean in any way as some people seem to assume. Sam survived most of his life without his family around and could easily survive without them. He stays with Dean for reasons all his own.

–Sidenote here: In the horror story, Jacob is reduced down to barely an inch and a half tall and we’ll see exactly why that’s not a good thing. It’s a horror story for a reason.

I also won’t work with the Swift scale (Found in Gulliver’s Travels and The Borrowers). Since I write for enjoyment and I don’t enjoy writing my characters at 6 inches tall, you won’t find that here.

Lastly, the scales I and @neonthewrite use are not 4 inches = 6 feet.

Sam stands 4 inches tall, but his actual height is 6′4″. This gives us a ratio of about 1/19. If we put him and Bowman next to each other, they’re both 4 inches tall. Same scale, right?

Wrong! Bowman is actually the equivalent of 6′2″ in height. So he’s tall, but not quite at Sam’s height. He’s going to be disgruntled if they ever stand at the same scale and he comes to discover this human he can look straight in the eye is actually taller than him. Bowman’s ratio is about 1/18.5.