Surprisingly, writing episode based fics is harder for me than writing a unique story for BA, so there’s a very good chance that I won’t have anymore episode based fics. Home took forever to write compared to Shadows and Reflections, and was much shorter.

If, however, you want to send me any episodes that you’re curious how BA Sam and Dean would react, I don’t mind sharing my thoughts! I’ve mused many times while watching the show about what would happen if one of the bros was tiny. It won’t be an official prompt, because I won’t write it all out, just musing, but it could be fun!

I’m glad you’re enjoying the unique AUs. ^-^

However, Brothers Apart isn’t going to come back any faster. Unfortunately, I can’t put out a chapter a week for the story. I do hold a special place in my heart for BA, and I’m not going to stop writing it, but it’s become much harder for me to write.

I recommend you reread the other BA stories that are on my pages, or relax and enjoy the stories we’re putting out each week while you wait for the next story to premier. We have a lot of plans for everyone to enjoy, and Brothers Apart will be in the poll for everyone to vote in along with the other AUs, whenever a story is completed.

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Fun Facts!

Shadows and Reflections took one week to write.

By comparison, Taken took over four months. Four long, painful months. I blame John Winchester and being ornery.

Of course, it’s been two months of trying to write my current story and all I’ve ended up doing is ripping up the two chapters that I had finished. But now I have an idea and I’m curling up in my room on Halloween to at least put the intro together that’s now kicking around in my head.