One of Our Own Needs Help


SPN Family!

One of our own is really struggling right now and
can really use our help. She’s in danger of losing her condo and she’s
desperately reaching out to us for help to #AlwaysKeepFighting!!!

Please check out her Go Fund Me page “Jen’s Home”
and if you can spare a little for her, please, PLEASE do! She’s been in
the fandom since season one, many of you might even know her
Livejournal, and she’s been struggling with depression for years. Her
home is her sanctuary, and losing it will devastate her. Now is a
perfect time for a Random Act of Kindness to one of our own to help her
make it!!

Thank you so much for your consideration!!

OOC: If anyone can help out Jen, she’s a wonderful writer and one of my biggest inspirations. She and a few others are the reason I ever started watching Supernatural. Without her stories I never would have started Brothers Apart. If you’re familiar with Deanzilla, Measure of a Man and a few other wonderful size!fics, their author is in danger of losing her home. If you can’t donate, a reblog to spread the world may help make the difference!

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