In The Darkness Ch. 3 Part 1


Something evil is afoot in a small rural town in Midwestern America, and it’s up to Sam and Dean to find out what. With the help of a small woman named Zepheera, they’ll do their best to save the town and Zepheera’s time-travelling alien friend from the greatest evil the Winchesters have ever faced.

This is a contest entry for @nightmares06. It features characters from my Doctor Who/Borrowers crossover series ‘Borrowed Time (and Space)’ with a little tweak in Zepheera’s size to put her to Sam’s scale. This is not canon for BTAS and takes place sometime before Taken in Brothers Apart.

Posting in bits to help keep me motivated to write this. Once it’s all done, I’ll put the chapters up properly on Ao3

had recently been plagued by nightmares so hellish they’d wake her up several
times in the night. Sometimes she dreamt of the terrible things the Wage Star
was making the townspeople do to each other; she had a childhood encounter with
an alien to thank for psychic dreams such as these. But often, she dreamt about
the Doctor…about waking up to find him not breathing. Dreams like this were
much too similar to the other kind, and they either kept her awake or brought
her sleep to a screeching halt.

for the first time in days, the borrower woke up the next morning feeling
well-rested. Ordinarily, she would be so groggy that she could barely function
without a cup of tea. Last night’s events must have alleviated more stress than
she thought, because as she sat up and stretched herself fully alert she
couldn’t recall one time her sleep had been interrupted.

combed her fingers through her tousled bob, and her gaze dropped down and over
to find the Doctor. “Morning, old man,” she mumbled as usual.

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