A list of all pranks sent into the tumblr, not counting any that are actually included in the stories themselves.

Sam pranking Dean:

  • Gluing something between Dean’s shoulderblades.
  • Tons of tiny braids in Dean’s hair, especially his spike, all too small for Dean to undo.
  • Setting up a yarn maze in the room so if Dean missteps, he gets tangled up.
  • Hiding Dean’s shoelaces.
  • Sneaking a dead roach into Dean’s clothing for the next day.
  • Painting hearts onto Dean’s fingernails.
  • Putting pebbles into Dean’s boots whenever he takes them off.
  • Changing Dean’s ringtones.
  • Tying a pink bowtie in Dean’s hair when he’s not paying attention.
  • Stage a prank and snap a picture of Dean to text to Bobby for blackmail.
  • Put cotton in Dean’s boots so his boots feel too small.
  • Legos on the floor when Dean wakes up.d
  • Dump salt in Dean’s coffee.
  • Distract Dean then shoot at him bow and arrow style.
  • Set up a minefield to attack Dean with while he flails.

Dean pranking Sam:

  • Putting a fake owl outside the nightstand to surprise Sam with.
  • Buying a model toy boat and leaving Sam on it while he’s sleeping, in the bathtub.
  • Stinky burp at Sam.
  • Fill Sam’s bedroom with paper napkins/cotton balls.
  • Cover Sam’s bedroom floor with pepperoni and cheese.
  • Use hair gel to make Sam’s hair stand up like a cone.
  • Tickle Sam with a feather.
  • Ask if “Polly want a cracker?” when Sam complain he’s hungry while perched on a shoulder.
  • Blow some air when Sam’s back is turned so his hair will fly into his face.
  • Create a maze and dare his brother to find the exit with just his brains, but having set up traps like sticky tape, bouncy floors, mirror and glass walls, etc.

  • Put a tub of jello/mashed potatoes in front of the nightstand for Sam to tumble into.
  • Steal all Sam’s pencil lead and replace with pink.
  • Stretch cellophane over Sam’s entrance to the nightstand so he runs into it like a forcefield.
  • Put a dead bug in Sam’s stuff.

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