Lost Things Found


Bobby – Cradle

AU: Brothers Apart

Timeline: Several months after A Minty Haven

Bobby stared down at the floorboard he’d torn up seconds before, startled by what he was looking at.

Nestled between two supports, there was a small room, swept clear of any remaining sawdust from the construction of the house, and with a fine layer of dust spread over a few pieces of furniture.

Knowing about people the size of his finger living nearby and seeing proof of their existence were two completely different things.

He worried his lip. The floorboard needed replacing, and it didn’t look like anyone had lived there in a long time. He recalled the place Rumsfeld had chased him from months before, a fleeting glimpse of bright red hair running from him clear in his memory. They must have once lived in his house, before relocating. He wondered why they might have left, and decided it didn’t matter.

Carefully gathering up a cradle and two makeshift chairs, Bobby pushed himself to his feet. He could find a place to leave them, and hope their former owners found them. They deserved to have all of their possessions, no matter what had driven them from the house.

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