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Ahh, gotcha. @nightmares06 here now for the spn characters.

(Personally, I like teeny lil John Watson myself)

John is an adept mechanic, so those skills, even though he would be cursed as a child, would translate well to being smol, much like Dean. He might not have cars to repair, but he can work on anything he finds lying around, and repair things as well. He’d be a good scout, very talented at remaining hidden and out of sight if any humans come into the rooms. He’d need a weapon on him at all times for sure, and I can see him outfitting himself with a variety, unlike most smols. A needle in his belt, a razor in his jacket, a sharp shard of metal down the back of his pants. He needs to be ready to act at all times.

(For anyone that doesn’t know, John Winchester, though I love the character, is one of the hardest people for me to write, so you won’t see him smol in any of my stories. He is a background character for me.)

I actually have an easier time writing Rufus than John Winchester.

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