This is quite a concept! Poor Jacob would have such a rough time at first. It’s bad enough waking up so tiny, but to be immediately captured and treated so badly makes it worse. Last he knew, he was a person just like them, why don’t they see that?

And then he has the weird luck of being found by Sherlock, one of the most intense humans he could have ended up with. Poor kid would have a hard time explaining anything, let alone how he’s small or why. He just wants to be safe from cages. A nice setup in the kitchen would suit him well enough, considering everything would be weird for him. Everything is newly big; he wouldn’t even know how to climb down the counter at that point. The fellas would have to help him get around.

The amusing part is that with curse victims, their knacks don’t manifest right away. There’s no way Jacob would be able to overpower the Winchesters if they decided to stage a “rescue”. 


These poor boys! Sherlock and John will be
sure to keep Jacob safe once he’s in their flat, even if Sherlock will have a
tendency to poke at him a little. Luckily John keeps it from going too far on

John will be so fret for the little
guy, making sure he’s not injured after all that trouble, and ensuring he feels
safe with them. He’ll promise that they’ll only watch out for them until they
can figure out a way to get him back to normal and send him off toward home.

I can definitely see a little alcove for
Jacob in the kitchen, up against the wall between two containers or boxes, with
enough fabric for him to sleep comfortably on and small amounts of food within
his reach in case he needs it and Sherlock and John aren’t within earshot.
Though, to be honest, they won’t leave him all by himself very often, worried
about him falling into the wrong hands and becoming a pet again.

It’ll take a lot of ninja skill for Sam and
Dean to try and sneak Jacob out of there unnoticed, if that is their plan.


The brothers are likely to wait until it’s dark and quiet. They need to check out what’s going on with this kid and make sure he’s okay. Jacob might find himself getting dragged into the walls, and if he’s only recently cursed, he won’t have strength to match them.

Of course, there’s a huge chance that John or Sherlock find someone trying to abduct their tiny patient, and there’s going to be a lot of questions and a huge possibility of grabs and/or trapping if Sherlock’s the one to find them. John can’t risk Jacob getting more injured in a tug-of-war with the ninja brothers living in the walls. And Dean can’t risk Jacob being treated like a pet by the tols, so they’ll get themselves into a pickle of misunderstanding.


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