Character Profile: Celeste


Name: Celeste

Age: Unknown

Species: Witch/Archangel 

Eye Color: Ice blue

Hair Color: Blonde/Brown depending on form

Gender: Currently female

Known Abilities: Hexes, curses. Able to manipulate her form if she needs a disguise. Feared by other witches for her willingness to go through with her threats, and her lack of morals. Telekinesis, as seen when she pins Dean effortlessly to the wall. Demons are often found in her vicinity.

Background: Very little is known of Celeste or her origins. Though John Winchester was able to track her victims over the course of the last few decades, before that there is no sign of her existence. She has plans for Sam and his older brother, and continues to haunt their footsteps, going so far as to summon fire sprites from the realm of Aeternum to bring the cursed brother to her, and working with Mina Chandler to outright buy Sam from the Mangas’ household. 

Celeste is the primary antagonist of Brothers Apart and its respective AUs, but prefers to use puppets to do her dirty work, keeping the Winchesters in the dark. She is feared by the covens after having made examples of several members during her ‘experiments’ (as seen in Witchcraft).

One thing is certain: With her flair for the dramatic and the love of making a scene, she won’t remain in the background forever.

Quote: Do you know how many times this same story has played out? Sometimes John saves you, sometimes he doesn’t. Sometimes that little thorn, Walt, interferes. Sometimes he doesn’t. But you know my favorite part? The fact that you two little dears just never figure me out. Bumbling around, saving people, hunting things. You can’t see past what’s right in front of your faces. You’re mine. And you always will be.

Inspiration music: Painted Black by Ciara (Cover)

Celeste © @nightmares06
Artwork by @lamthetwickster

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